Leveling Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a guide on how to level your characters in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including locations and monsters to defeat.

Leveling Guide

Various methods can be used to level-up your characters during the course of the game.

Early Game

Rescuing Travelers

In certain parts of the main story quests, you will encounter people being attacked by monsters. If you successfully rescue them, you will receive extra EXP for your rescue. Each of the locations that a traveler will be attacked is fixed, so look out for a blue icon on your map for people that might require assistance nearby.

Defeating Metal Slimes

Metal Slimes can usually be found in the Cretia region. You can spot them on the map with their distinctive shine. Using spells isn’t recommended when dealing with Metal Slimes, so you’ll have to take them on using physical attacks with weapons.

Mid Game

Defeating Stray Metal Slimes

Yielding even greater EXP are Stray Metal Slimes that appear in Rao Wasteland and Ihrim Snowfield. Defeating Stray Metal Slimes yields around 40,000 EXP.

You can still opt to help travelers for even more EXP at this stage. The merchant that appears near the Stone Monument (F7) of Ihrim Snowfield is a good one to note. Rescuing the merchant gets you 6000 EXP.

Space-Time Labyrinth “Labyrinth of Protection”

In this labyrinth, you will encounter many enemies coming out from both sides of the area. Using ranged attacks against them is an easy to grind some EXP.

Late Game

Defeating Metal King Slime

Defeating Metal King Slime in the Forest of Darkness and Canyon of Darkness yields a considerable amount of EXP during the late stages of the game. Just check your map for their distinct shine from time to time.

Defeating the Roseguardin

The Roseguardin at Rao Wasteland  alone yields 20,000 EXP when defeated. They are also quite abundant in Rao Wasteland, making them good targets for grinding EXP. Spells are recommended against them, as they have very high physical defense (in addition to carrying a shield).

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