Ruff Character Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a character guide for Gabo in Dragon Quest Heroes 2.


A White Wolf who was turned into a human boy, Ruff uses rapid swipes with his claws to attack enemies. He has a variety of powerful physical abilities that are devastating at close range, as well as being able to summon wolves in battle.

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Ability MP Needed
Roar: Roars together with a wolf causing nearby enemies to flinch. 6
Meat on the Bone: Restores health and temporarily increases attack power. 10
Call of the Wild: A primal howl that summons a pack of vicious wolves to attack the enemy. 19
Tiger Claw: Unleashes a series of scratches that can be increased by holding the button down. 9
Ruff Rider: The user hops atop a wild wolf and ravages the enemy repeatedly. 7
Flame Breath / Intense Flames / Scorching Heat: Belches blazing hot breath all over enemies in front. 10 / 16 / 21
Whistle: An ear-splitting whistle that attracts the enemy’s attention. 4
Cry Wolf: Call forth some furry friends to run into the fray and attack anyone in front of you. 8

Basic Combos

Technical name Button operation
Claw Combo □ → □ → □ → □
Ruff Roller
Cross Claws □ → △
Leapdog □ → □ → △
Doggy Dash □ → □ → □ → △
Drill Drop □ While airborne
Ruff Landing △ While airborne

Strongest Weapon

Crown Claw

  • Attack Power: 158
  • How to Obtain: At the Treasure Chest of D-6 during the Battle of Gaiyar (after finishing the main quest)

How to make him an ally

He will join you during the Battle of Gyiard.

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