Recommended Characters and Party [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains the Recommended Characters and Party in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. It includes the useful Abilities, as well as roles and party making. We will be updating this as we go along.

Recommended Characters and Party

This article contains the Recommended Characters and Party in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. It includes the useful Abilities/ Spells learned by each character and their effects, as well as the interaction among the Characters to assign roles and construct a formidable party.

*Please do bear with us. We are translating it with whatever knowledge we have. We’ll update this as soon as the game comes out.

Recommended Characters


A trusty Healer, Torneko acquires the useful Spell Sage’s Stone to replenish his party’s HP. Since the party will face combat and will occasionally require patching up, instead of going for scarce recovery materials, Torneko gets the jobs done until the Party encounters a better Sage to take his place.

Apart from this, he is also capable of casting Panacea Staff which dispels the enemy’s debuffs on his allies. This is useful in the latter sections of the game as more monsters will attempt to weaken the party with it.

Torneko also has the ability Assassin’s Dagger which allows him to double as an attacker to net some unexpected knock outs on some monsters.

Stats-wise, he has a huge amount of health points allowing him to take a hit or two before going down. The only downside to using Torneko however is that the recovery granted by his healing Skill is low, which might put him on his toes when things start to go awry.


Hailing from Dragon Quest 6 as a powerful damage dealer, Terry still reigns as one of the strongest characters in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. He can fend off enemies singlehandedly with Miracle Slash, granting him the chance to recover HP lost while dealing damage. In addition, his Falcon Slash which similarly costs 16 MP puts him in a good position to land more hits in a short amount of time.

His Mighty Slash follows the keys □,□,□,□, △. It is a versatile Skill since it allows him to freely choose whether to strike lightly or consume more MP and deliver heavy damage.

Having a combat-oriented Ability pool as well as the capability to hold his own in battle, Terry has several beneficial abilities to choose from when dealing with a huge group of enemies.

Functioning as the team’s vanguard, Terry is a suitable team player that should not be overlooked.


Another offensive character that appeared in DQ6, Carver fosters both Strength and Durability and brandishes enemies with a combination of Heavy attacks with his Gauntlets. In terms of Stats, he sports the highest HP among the roster, which allows him to confidently take on Boss monsters who weighs significantly heavier than him.

If you can combine the following Abilities “for a while + a cheerleader + a stroke of a conference,”* Carver can deal tremendous amounts of damage.

When surrounded, he could also deliver Cyclone Uppercut / Circumduction to beat up monsters when cornered.


The Fortune-teller that has the best recovery Spell, Meena has access to Multiheal to make the party fighting fit. She also handles monsters efficiently with Devil, a Spell that costs 10 MP and not only casts Debuff but also deals damage to them. This grants the party an upper hand in terms of dealing damage.

In spite of these Spells, Meena lacks the durability to withstand several attacks. Thus it’s best to have her CPU controlled majority of the battle and switch whenever the party requires some healing or Debuff support.

Recommended Party

● Early Stages

Hero + Torneko + Cesar + Desdemona

This sample team construction is recommended for those who seek to use the Hero often in battle since the NPC usually saves MP during combat. Despite her sluggish movement, Desdemona is a highlight of the team as she capitalizes on attacks that can plow through lines of enemies blocking the path.

● After clearing Cretia

· Hero (Warrior or Martial Artist) + Torneko + Terry + Maribel

For this construction, Hero and Terry share the same role as the primary damage dealers of the party. Torneko occupies a slot as a devoted Sage who ensures that the party has their HP maintained at a reasonable level. Maribel who can double as both melee and Spell-type attacker fills the last slot to support the team with Magic and Debuff.

· Hero (Warrior or Martial Artist) + Meena + Torneko + Maribel

Similar to the above mentioned Party, with the exception of Meena replacing Terry’s Slot. This takes on a more defensive role that is well supported with two Healers to withstand even more damage at the expense of losing a primary offensive character. With even more Debuff and recovery support, the Hero can focus on the Bosses as the allies continue to support him.

· Hero (Mage) + Torneko + Terry + Carver

Leaving the melee adept Hero behind, this party introduces the capabilities of the his companions to take on his role instead. The trick to it is to have Terry and Carver lead the way while the Hero supports from behind. Torneko occupies a slot as the dedicated Healer to keep the party’s HP in check.

● After the Grand canyon Battle*

· Hero (Mage or Priest) + Torneko + Terry + Carver

A party composition that is akin to the one mentioned above, Terry and Carver still take the lead with the Hero freely choosing to either maintain the role of a Mage or double in function like Torneko’s.

If the Hero’s MP gauge fully depletes, switch to either Terry or Carver and focus on attacking the monsters. With Torneko at the back casting Sage’s Stone, he should keep the party’s HP relatively stable with a handful of casts.

· Hero + Meena + Carver + Alena

This team construction is tailored when handling Bosses comes into mind. Meena’s Devil shall ensure that the Defenses of the monsters are low. This guarantees that Alena and Carver’s attacks will put a dent on the opposition. Prepare Alena with Satisfying Breath to heighten critical rate, then follow up with Divide and Conquer, this should maximize the odds of landing powerful critical hits.

· Hero + Meena + Maya + Desdemona (Carver)

Another team built around defeating Bosses. Taking Baalzack for instance who specializes in ground-type attacks, this team provides a decent answer against his weakness to airborne strikes. Maya shines by taking advantage of Baalzack’s weakness as she has Abilities to get around it.

Her Pink Typhoon guarantees that she can safely leap into the air to dodge the Boss’ attack and retaliate with a graceful Slash. She pairs excellently with Meena who has both Debuff and a recovery Spell to aid her teammates. Although slow, Desdemona / Carver who can pummel enemies to dust will appreciate the Debuffs cast by Meena in the battlefield to maximize their offensive prowess.

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