Post-Game Unlockables [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a list of all post-game unlockables in Dragon Quest 2 Heroes, including quests, items, monsters and their locations in the game. Please note that we will be updating this page when the game comes out.

After clearing the main storyline of Dragon Quest 2, certain features will be available to the player. Below is a list of all post-game unlockables that can be accessed upon finishing the game for the first time.

Post-Game Unlockables

  • New orbs will be sold at the orb shop.
  • You will be able to replay memories next to the Medal King
  • New Quests will be added when you to talk to the teacher
  • When you talk to Rikka, you will get the “Map Between the Evil Knights”.
  • More powerful monsters will start to appear in various areas of the game world.
  • Talk to the merchant at Golda Desert, then go to the Pyramid (coordinates D-6) to get the Golden Claw.
  • Go to E-7 of Rozas Forest. There will be a Bond Stone there. There will also be one at E-3 of Sacred Mountain Regen.

Quests Unlocked After Clearing the Game

Increase Power of Healstones

Deliver 1 raw healing stone from the King Slime in Rozas Woodlands.

Increase Monster Coin Storage

Increases monster coin storage space by 4 by obtaining 3 Magic Jewels from Hellion in the Snowfield of Darkness.

More Weapons Sold at the Blacksmith

At the Desert of Darkness, talk to the blacksmith at E-4. He will give you a quest that allows you to buy more kinds of weapons from him if you complete it. You’ll need to obtain 1 Malicite and 1 Faerie Fluff from the Wight King and Genie Sanguini at the Wasteland of Darkness and Meadow of Darkness.

Increase Maximum Weapon Proficiency

You can increase the maximum weapon proficiency by 20 by defeating 30 types of monsters under 15 minutes.

Break the White Magic Barrier in Rao Wasteland (C4) to obtain Sunderbolt Blade (Weapon) and Metal Key

You need to defeat a Bullion and Axesaurus with party combos at the Canyon of Darkness (D5 or E5).

Weapons Unlocked at the Shop

Weapon Attack Magic Additional Effects
Glorious Axe 180 4% chance of not consuming MP when using abilities/spells
Orichalcum Gauntlet 173
Blue Flame Gauntlet 180 4% chance of not consuming MP when using abilities/spells
Wealthy Merchant’s Abacus 160
Guidance Tarot 153
Ravi Anne Rose Fan 157 The duration of high tension is increased by 1 second.
Dark Star Boomerang 144 10
Orpheus Bow 160 2% chance of inflicting bedazzle
Enchanted Wand 48 48 Magic Damage Max HP increases by 6
Dragon’s Cane 54 54 Magic Damage Max MP increased by 30
Apocalypse Rod 175 1% increase in critical rate

Orbs Unlocked

Orb Defense Additional Effects Price
Orb of the Holy Scripture 125 Magic is increased by 30 220000 G
Metalizing Orb 140 300000 G

Monsters Unlocked

Greene Grasslands

  • Pruslas
  • Atlas

Golda Desert

  • Darkspirit
  • High Djinks
  • Draguar

Rozas Forest

  • Corpse Corporal
  • Stout Troll

Rao Wasteland

  • Roseguardian
  • Batmandrill

Amal Canyon

  • Zombie Gladiator

Ihrim Snowfield

  • Pazuzu

Meadow of Darkness

  • Stone Guardian
  • Loss Leader

Desert of Darkness

  • Heavy Hood
  • Panther

Forest of Darkness

  • Great Troll
  • Master Moosifer

Wasteland of Darkness

  • Killer Crimson

Canyon of Darkness

  • Knight Abhorrent
  • Bullion

Snowfield of Darkness

  • Uberkilling Machine
  • Night Rider

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  1. There is also a mission where you need to kill a wight king or found the item in the dark part of the map dont remember the name now to get more weapons to be selled. lts the thrid blacksmith mission l think