Main Quest Walkthrough – Grand Canyon Battle [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains the guide for the Grand Canyon Battle. I'll update it for better instructions soon.

This page contains a walkthrough on the main quest “Grand Canyon Battle” in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – Grand Canyon Battle

 List of things to do during the Grand Canyon Battle

  • From the Amal Canyon, head into the Grand Canyon.
  • Battle through the Grand Canyon… again.
    • Atlas vs. Drakulard
  • Battle through three waves of angry creatures
  • Grand Canyon Battle Quests
    • “Deal the blow!” Battle Quest
    • Friendship on the Battlefield Battle Quest
    • Save the Queen! Battle Quest
  • Grand Canyon Boss Battle

Battle through the Grand Canyon… again

Atlas vs. Drakulard

Image of Atlas vs. Gigant Dragon

List of Monsters
Name Drop Location
Drakulard TBA TBA
Living Statue TBA
Green Dragon TBA
Hellion TBA
Moosifer TBA
Treevil TBA
Treasure Chest Locations

Appears after the fight between Atlas and the Drakulard.


When fighting the Atlas creature, attack quickly and go with a hit and run strategy. However, you can also transform into another creature to deal more damage. The Atlas may be powerful but he’s a bit slow. Dodge his incoming strike attacks before laying a lot of damage. There’s a small window after every attack where you can lay your blows. Dodge and block as you see fit.

After taking out the Atlas, you’ll come across the Drakulard. This particular enemy will swoop in and out to take down the party. Time your guards and dodges before he rams you down. Once he’s stunned after his flying attack, lay the damage. Guard if he tries to stomp or grab you before knocking him down with more attacks. Continue this until he finally goes down.

Deal the Blow Battle Quest

I'll give you a blow! Image of

List of Monsters

Name Drop Location
Balzack TBA TBA
Moosifer TBA
Hoodlum TBA
Stone Golem TBA
Archdemon TBA
Sorcerer TBA
Skeleton Scrapper TBA
Minidemon TBA
Bodkin Bower TBA
Frostburn TBA

Treasure Chest Location

  • D5 – Head towards the middle wall


Just like any other dungeon, wipe out all the attacking monsters first. After killing everything, several demon portals appear which you can go through. There’s two on the west side and another two on the east side. Before anything, set up a defensive monster at the escape point before going off to destroy the demon portals. If you let even one escape, you’ll fail the quest all together.

Once you destroy all the demons, Balzack will appear. However, take note: he has freezing breath and an all surround physical attack. Attacking him in front is a bad idea. Time your attacks before hanging close to him, staying behind. If you stick close to him, you can catch his patterns better before he performs the action. He has shockwave attacks as well which you dodge via jumping.

Friendship on the Battlefield Battle Quest

Image of friendship that buddied on the battlefield

List of Monsters

Name Drop Location
King of Fernock TBA TBA
Captain of Fernock TBA
Gatekeeper TBA
Tortured Soul TBA
Hell Gladiator TBA
Bone Rider TBA
Treevil TBA
Mummy TBA
Toxic Zombie TBA
Skeleton Scrapper TBA
Shadow TBA
Spitegeist TBA
Magic Marionette TBA

Treasure Locations List

  • E5 – There’s a breakable wall there. Break it and grab the treasure chest.


For this particular part of the Grand Canyon Battle, you’re going to have to deal with waves of enemies. Captain of Fernock is going to lead an army of undead towards you. Reserve and manage your energy especially when using special skills. However, take note: there’s another demon portal that’s going to appear. Don’t charge straight in. Let them come to you before taking them out. For an easier time, bring out a monster that has high defense to tank for you.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll have to fight the Gatekeeper. Dodge and block his attacks before destroying him soon after. Finally, you’ll have to face King of Fernock and all his lackeys. You can either use range attacks or big AoE attacks as this is the last wave of enemies for the mean time.

Rescue the Queen Battle Quest

Rescue the Queen! Image of

List of Monsters

Name Drop Location
King of Mohrias TBA TBA
Great Sabercat TBA
Gryphon TBA
Mandrake Marauder TBA
Hellion TBA
Gatekeeper TBA
Jailcat TBA
Crack-Billed Platypunk TBA
Hocus Chimaera TBA
Hawkman TBA
Drackyma TBA

Treasure Chest Locations

  • C7 – Check along the south wall.
  • C3 – Check along the western wall.


So this what the Great Canyon Battle is all about. All you gotta do is survive the siege and head to your objective.

For the first round, the army will have a Great Sabercat jumping into the fray. Dish out some damage towards it and if you can capture it so much the better. You’ll also have to deal with some Jailcats but with a little evade and hit-and-run, you should be fine. For the next round, you’ll have the Gryphon and the Mandrake Marauder. However, focus on the Gryphon first if you can since it’s faster. The Mandrake Marauder might require a little strategy as it can block attacks. Wait for it to drop its guard before going in for the kill.

After that, the gatekeeper appears in the form of a Green Dragon. Just like any dragon, focus on taking out its face and tail. That way, you won’t have too much problems. Keep on defeating any of the incoming monsters such as the Great Sabercat and the sort until you finally break through the barrier.

Tip: Some of the monsters may be capturable. You might want to try using the Monster Coins to take on their abilities.

Once you defeat all the enemies and get through the barrier, you’ll spot the Queen of Cretia. However, it’s a bit of a pain since she’s being attacked at all sides. Jump into the fray and take out the incoming monsters. Your drill? The Queen of Cretia is the drill; if she dies, you have to do everything again. Take out any incoming enemies quickly while preserving your skill power until the King of Mohrias comes out. Several demon portals will appear but forget those first. Focus all your efforts on protecting the Queen of Cretia and defeating the King of Mohrias before finally taking out the little guys.

Final Stage of the Grand Canyon Battle: Boss Fight – King of Daral

End it! Great canyon battle! Image of

Treasure Chest

  • Appears after fighting King Daral


When fighting King Daral, he has a variety of attacks. Many of these attacks include unleashing a large vacuum of air and striking down with a ball of energy. Watch out for the spells and you can dodge by jumping over them. Since the AoE wind spells run in the clockwise direction, run from it before closing in on the King of Daral. If it’s hard to dodge, guard if you need to.

After the HP decreases, he’ll have more magic skills. When the magic turns red, a large tornado appears and it’ll charge straight at you. However, the tornado itself is slow. Avoid running towards the movement of the tornado. However, one note: the lower HP, the more the tornado will appear.

Once the HP drops down enough, King Daral will attack with a sword. The attack’s hard to avoid because it follows you wherever you move. When you see the magical attack incoming, block the incoming attack. Keep recovering and manage your HP before finally finishing him off.

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