Weather Conditions [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a guide on the different weather conditions found in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including specific locations and their effects in battle.

Weather Conditions

In Dragon Quest Heroes 2, various areas in the game have different weather conditions that have significant impact in combat. Below is a table summarizing the weather found in certain areas of the game and how they affect combat.

Location Normal Weather Bad Weather Effects
Greene Grasslands Sunny Heavy rain Rain: Zap-based attacks are more powerful
Golda Desert Clear Sandstorm Sandstorm: Woosh-based attacks are more powerful
Rozas Forest Sunny Cloudy
Rao Wasteland Cloudy Fog
Amal Canyon Cloudy Light rain Light rain: Zap-based attacks are more powerful
Ihrim Snowfield Cloudy and cool Snowstorm Snowstorm: Crack-based attacks are more powerful

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