How to Get the Thief Key [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a guide on how to get the Thief Key in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including treasures chests that can be unlocked using it.

How to Get the Thief Key

The Thief Key is an item that allows you to open special treasure chests in Dragon Quest 2. These chests usually contain Mini Medals or very rare equipment.

You’ll need to complete Side Quest 12 “Retrieve the Carved Message” to obtain the Thief Key. To access the quest, you’ll need to meet the conditions below.

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  • You’ll need to have raised the Thief class to level 20.
  • You’ll need to have completed the Main Story Quest Recapture Zebion
  • After that, talk to the NPC at the back of Zebion’s church.
  • After talking to the NPC, head to the Orb Shop and buy an item that he sells (the item will not have a name) for 3000 G.

When you’ve met the conditions, that quest will activate. Head to Cretia for the quest.

Infiltrating the Jail Cell

The quest requires you to infiltrate a jail and retrieve the carved message. Follow the arrows indicated on the image, starting from S to reach G. The quest will end if you get spotted by any of the guards in the area. You can unlock the cell on F6 that will distract the guards, letting you sneak past them. Once you’ve reached area G and have watched the cutscene, just backtrack to S using the same directions as before. You will obtain the Thief’s Key as a reward for clearing the quest.

Treasure Boxes Unlocked by the Thief Key

Below is a list of all Treasure Boxes that you can unlock using the Thief’s Key. A lot of Mini Medals can be obtained from these chests if you want to farm them, so it is worth getting the Thief key as soon as you can.

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Greene Grasslands

Coordinates Item
F4 Mini Medal
C3 Mini Medal

Golda Desert

Coordinates Item
F5 Mini Medal
E3 Sun Fan
E3 Molten Globules
E4 Mini Medal

Rozas Forest

Coordinates Item
E4 Orb of Magic

Rao Wasteland

Coordinates Item
E5 Mini Medal
E1 Orichalcum Gauntlet

Amal Canyon

Coordinates Item
F6 Knight’s Shield
E6 Mini Medal

Ihrim Snowfields

Coordinates Item
F3 5000 G
F7 Dogged Collar
D4 Mini Medal

Desert of Darkness

Coordinates Item
F4 Mini Medal
C7 Sainted Soma
D2 Mini Medal

Meadow of Darkness

Coordinates Item
E7 Mini Medal

Forest of Darkness

Coordinates Item
E7 Orb of Darkness
E3 Sword of the Sky
G6 Mini Medal

Snowfield of Darkness

Coordinates Item
F3 Shield of the Sky
F2 Mini Medal
B3 Orb of the Sky

Canyon of Darkness

Coordinates Item
C5 Mini Medal
D5 Kaleidoskin

Wasteland of Darkness

Coordinates Item
E4 Mini Medal
G4 Mini Medal
F3 Ethereal Stone
B4 Giganto Orb

Lastly, there is one treasure chest behind the Medal King in Zebion which contains a Bond Stone.

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