Main Quest Walkthrough – The Grand Dunes [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQH II]

This article contains a walkthrough for the Golda Desert. We will update this as we go along.

This page contains a walkthrough on the main quest “The Grand Dunes” in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – The Grand Dunes

Gorda Desert
Please refer to the map of The Grand Dunes for references as to where certain objects are

Stuff to do in the The Grand Dunes

  • Look for the King’s Stone
  • Help the villagers with a quest (C4)
  • Destroy the rock at D5 with weapons
  • There’s a travel merchant roaming around.
    • He’ll appear appear again near the East Oasis.
  • Head southward to C-7 of the map to find the Stone Monument. When you get there, activate it.
  • There are some soldiers in front of Jaiwarl gate. Go talk to them.
  • Grab the Monster Coin Case from the merchant.
  • When you reach the oasis, you’ll be made to fight a Knight Errant.
    • Once you defeat this, it’ll drop an item that you pass to the merchant.
    • After passing it to the merchant, he’ll give you a reward.
  • When you’re done, speak to the soldiers at Jaiwarl gate.

The Grand Dunes Treasure List

  • Treasure Chest #1 – D3; opens when you get Maribel
  • Treasure Chest #2 – F4; opens when you get Minea
  • Treasure Chest #3 – B5; unlocks after completing the Fix the Bridge quest

Item List

Each place has a different sort of item. However, please bear with us for our rather crude translation of the words. We will update this as soon as the English version appears. Certain items appear only in the The Grand Dunes. So, take note. You may never be able to return to the The Grand Dunes.

Number Place Items to be Obtained
1 D-3 Small fossils
2 D-3 Small fossils
3 B-3 Sudden sludge
4 B-4 Mirage
5 C-4 Big cactus
6 B-5 Kagamiishi
7 C-4 A small horn
8 D-4 Small fossils
9 C-5 Mirage
10 D-5 A small horn
11 D – 6 Kagamiishi
12 D – 6 Small fossils
13 E-6 Hemp yarn
14 G-6 Purification water
15 F-6 Hemp yarn
16 F-6 Hemp yarn
17 F-6 Hemp yarn
18 G-7 Small fossils
19 E-7 Small fossils
20 C-7 Tsukemonos Stone
21 D-3 Iron ore
22 D-4 Fragment of an old man
23 E-4 Iron ore
24 E-3 Iron ore
25 F-3 Iron ore
26 E-5 Mikagishi seems
27 F-4 Fragment of an old man
28 F-5 Mikagishi seems
29 D-5 Mikagishi seems

List of enemies

Each monster has a specific name. Unfortunately, we are not good with Japanese. Please excuse our crude translation until we have a more legitimate and pretty sounding translation. This is also the same for the items.

Monster name Dropping material Location
Mud Mannequin Miracled soil
(rare) Gama’s oil
Around Zebion
She-Slime Very Salt Salt
(Rare) Slime Jelly
Around Zebion
Fire Spirit Torpedo (rare) Red Eye Around Zebion
Dancing Flame Hoka Hoka Stone
Zebion ~ Jaiwarl border around
Golem Mirror Stone
Zebion ~ Jaiwarl border around
Ghost Spirit Around Jaiwarl
Grinade Mega ware
(Rare) Iku no Kakera
Near the Jaiwarl border
Mummy Boy Hemp yarn
(rare) Dirty wish
Near the Jaiwarl border
Skeleton X Torpedo
(rare) Delicious milk
Near the Jaiwarl border
Cumaulus Awkwardness
(rare) Hayate ‘s ring
Near the Jaiwarl border

Battle Tips

Battle: Knight Errant, Golem, Grinade, Mummy Boy

When fighting the Knight Errant, you’ll have to deal with its hardened defense. However, there is a way around this. Defeat the Golem first and capture it. That way, you have a wall of defense to rely on. Once you capture the Golem, you can take down the Grinade and the Mummy Boy. If you want to capture them, you can do so as well. After that, take down the Knight Errant.

Battle: Stone Golem

This battle is easy if your HP is above 100. However, don’t directly confront it. Unless you plan to get squished, employ a hit and run strategy. Since you’re controlling the main character, you’re basically the most versatile character in the team. Have your teammates focus on badgering and kicking the thing down while you’re either healing or attacking.

Battle: Knight Abberant

This creature is similar to the Knight Errant. But there’s the bad news: the moment you strike its shield, it deflects. What you do is you swing around it and attack it from behind. Move past its defense and make your way to bring it down. Keep moving around to prevent yourself from taking damage.

Location of Stone Monuments

Please refer to the map at the top of the page.

  • F6
  • C7
  • E5

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