Side Quests Directory [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a directory of the Side Quests in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. Click on the Quest to find a more detailed breakdown of the requirements.

Side Quests Directory

These Quests will become available after defeating Cesar at Zebion. The maximum number of Quests allowed to be initiated at the same time is 8.

Please check the table to find a summary of the Quests including Quest number, Quest name, Objective, and Rewards.

No Quest Objective Reward
1 Improving Healing 1 Deliver Raw healing stone × 1 Enhances the potency of healstones
2 Improving Healing 2 Deliver Healing crystal × 1
3 Improving Healing 3 Deliver Healing jewel × 1
4 Upgrading Healstone capacity 1 Deliver Small scales x 1 Increases the storage of Healstones by 1
5 Upgrading Healstone capacity 2 Delivery of Sparkling sapphire × 10
6 Upgrading Coin potency 1 Deliver Raw magic stone x 1 Fellow monster stock frame + 4
7 Upgrading Coin potency 2 Deliver Magic crystal x 1
8 Upgrading Coin potency 3 Deliver Magic jewel x 1
9 Unlocking items from the Blacksmith Deliver Fresh water x 1,
Ethereal stone x 1
Increases the items sold from the blacksmith’s shop
10 Unlocking items from the Blacksmith Deliver Iron ore x 1,
Perpetual snow x 1
11 Unlocking items from the Blacksmith Deliver Malicite x 1,
Faerie fluff x 1
12 Retrieve the message Finish the Sneak Mission Thief’s Key
13 Promoting the Profession 1 Defeat monsters x 250 within 15 minutes Gladiator class
14 Promoting the Profession 2 Sage class
15 Promoting the Profession 3 Defeat 30 enemy types within 15 minutes Increases maximum weapon proficiency level to 20.
16 Unlocking Pathways 1 Clear “Densetsu no sōbi e no michi” (Defeat all enemies) Removes the magic barrier blocking Ihrim Snowfield (C-5)
4 treasure chests can be found.
17 Unlocking Pathways 1 Defeat all enemies using party combos Removes the magic barrier blocking Amal canyon (G-2).
2 treasure chests can be found.
18 Unlocking Pathways 2 Defeat at least 15 enemies simultaneously with a coup de grâce. Removes the magic barrier blocking Rao wasteland (C-4).
2 treasure chests can be found.
19 Unlocking Pathways 3 Deliver Slimedrop x 2, and Grubby bandage x 5 Repairs the bridge between Greene and Golda.
20 Gimme the Jamaas Defeat Candy cats x 10 with Fire spells and abilities Opens the path that connects to the (F-5) Eastern forest in Greene.
21 Defeat the demons in Snowfield Defeat the demon Unlock pathway heading into Green Grasslands
22 Zebion Hot Spring Defeat a Barbatos Spirit Orb
23 Smouldering Boulders Kill 20 Grinades Ring of immunity
24 Patrolling the pastures Kill 15 Slime Knights and 15 Platypunk 1000 G
25 Find the old man’s cane Find the old man’s cane Wrecklace
26 Defeat the dancing flames Defeat 10 Dancing Flames with Ice Spells Mini medal
27 Relive the poor soul Defeat 10 Lost Soul, bring Priests Life necklace
28 Grab the eggs Deliver the Egg of Power Bonding stone
29 Golda Desert Demon Sweep  Kill 15 monsters simultaneously with one move 3000 G
30 I want a pretty hat! Deliver 2 Flurry Feathers Golden ring
31 Conquering Lands Defeat the stone golem Lightning staff
32 Longing for a wizard Defeat the Hacksauri with a Mage class in the party Monocle
33 Battle with Atlas 1 Defeat Flame fragment x 1 8000 G
34 Battle with Atlas 2 Defeat Hammerhood x 30 Falcon blade
35 Defeat the Boss – King Daral 1 Deliver Mirrorstone x 1 Mini medal x 3
36 Defeat the Boss – King Daral 2 Deliver Lambswool x 1 Tectonic orb x 1
37 Defeat the Boss – King Daral 3 Defeat Killing machines using Lightning spells/ abilities Wyvern wand
38 Hunt for the Missing lynx Deliver Bushy fur x 10 Bonding stone
39 Defeat the Twin Kings Defeat Hoodlums x 10 Knockout rod

Gathering Quests

No Quest Objective Reward
40 Torneko Entourage Deliver Rare herb x 1 Mini Medal
41 Maribel and Ruff Entourage Deliver Rare fish Meotouo x 1 Mini medal, Slime abacus
42 Reach Jaiwarl Outskirts Find the missing children Mini medal
43 Terry and Carver Entourage Deliver Sturdy stick x 5,
Royal soil x 5
Mini medal
44 Bridge Reparation Find the extra sturdy lumber Mini medal x 1, Slime sword x 1, Gooey gloves x 1
45 Pursue the runaway brother Clear Great Canyon “Chase of Life” Mini medal x 1, Fandangoos, Slime tarot cards
46 Kazapple Defeat the Killing machines with Zap Mini medal x 1, Learn Kazapple by talking to the instructor
47 ?? Defeat Walking corpse x 30 Mini medal x 1
48 Jessica and Angelo Entourage 2 Escort the youngster to the woman he wants to propose to Mini medal x 1, Slime whip x 1, Slime bow x 1
49 Alena and Kyril Entourage Rescue the bride from the kidnappers Mini medal x 1, Gungenir

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