Main Quest Walkthrough – Forest of Darkness [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a full walkthrough of the Main Quest Forest of Darkness in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including enemies, objectives, and strategy. We will be updating this as we go along.

This page contains the Main Walkthrough for “Forest of Darkness” in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. It includes the Directions, Objectives, Monsters encountered, and Item Drops. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – Forest of Darkness

  • Speak to the manager at F-2 to receive Orichalcum.

Ihrim Snowfield Treasure Boxes / Glitter Place

Treasure Chest

Please excuse our crude translation of Japanese. We will update this as soon as an English version comes out.

Number Place Items to be Obtained
1 B-6 Gold nugget
2 B-3 Nanurugu Mayu*
3 D-4 Wadouse’s staff*
4 D-7 Mini medal
5 E-7 (key) Dark orb
6 D-4 Mini medal
7 D-2 Mini medal
8 E-3 (key) The sky of the sky*
9 F-2 Colossal fossil
10 G – 3 Sparkling Sapphire
11 G-6 (key) Mini medal

Glitter Place

※ Random drops

Number Place Items to be Obtained
1 C-3 Emerald moss
2 C-3 Belle cap
3 C-3 Purification water*
4 D-4 Belle cap
5 C-4 Emerald moss
6 B-4 Belle cap
7 C-5 Emerald moss
8 C-6 Belle cap
9 C-5 Narspicious
10 D-4 Belle cap
11 D-4 Green glue
12 E-3 Belle cap
13 E-2 Belle cap
14 E-3 Belle cap
15 C-6 Royal soil
16 D – 6 Royal soil
17 E-6 Royal soil
18 E-6 Royal soil
19 D-7 Royal soil
20 C-7 Enchanted stone
21 C-7 Royal soil
22 B-7 Belle cap
23 B-6 Belle cap
24 B-6 Belle cap
25 F-5 Elastic twig
26 G-4 Elastic twig
27 F-4 Cotton grass*
28 F-3 Silk grass
29 G – 3 Spellbound Bough
30 E-4 Glinting grass
31 F-4 Glinting grass

List of Monsters

Monster name Dropping Material Emerging Area
Lethal armour Platinum ore
Royal ruby (rare)
Southwestern part
Eastern part
Elder tree Sparkly sap
Papillon pendant (rare)
Southwestern part
Eastern part
Cureslime Purification water*
Toad oil (rare)
Southwestern part
Corpse corporal Grubby bandage
Ring of immunity (rare)
All regions
Black woodchuck Elastic twig
Faerie flame (rare)
Western part
Drackyma Slipweed
Birdsong nectar (rare)
Western part
Mandrake Marshal Sizeable scale
Ruby of protection (rare)
Southern part
Demon-at-arms Sparkling sapphire
Large bone (rare)
Central part
Eastern part
Dark skeleton Horse manure
black pearl (rare)
Eastern part

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