Trophy List [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains the trophies and achievements for Dragon Quest Heroes 2. We'll update this eventually.

Trophy List

Every game has an achievement system. And when you finish one achievement, you get a trophy. Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is no different; they have their own sets of trophies depending on what you managed to achieve throughout the game. Sometimes, these trophies also come in with useful and handy in-game items that can pull you out of a pinch if necessary.

However, some of these trophies can only be accomplished if you’ve completed certain requirements. We’ll update this as soon as we find out a faster and no-brainer way to earn the trophies.

Trophy Guide

Please excuse my Japanese. It’s not that great. What you’re seeing here is a direct, raw translation of what I found in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. If you have the English version, please leave a comment below. It’ll be much appreciated.

Trophy Rank Title Method of Achievement Remarks
Platinum The Legend Earned all trophies
Bronze The Beginning of an Adventure Saved Orenka from an attack and killed a Night Clubber Scenario Progress
Bronze Metal Slime Hunter Metal Slime earned Experience Earnings + Mini-medal
Bronze Liquid Metal Slime Hunter Liquid Metal Slime earned
Silver Metal king Slime Hunter Metal King Slime earned
Bronze Hidden Medley Used the skills of all members
Bronze Party Combo Down Dealt 100 hit combo with party members (total) Party Combo Feature
Bronze Bring in the rain and the wind! Fought in all weather conditions The Weather
Bronze Searching for the best weapon Appraised weapons and items with different shop-keepers. Identify Weapons
Bronze Welcome back! Cleared the Labyrinth of Space and Time for the first time. Map of the Labyrinth of Space and Time.
Bronze Attention! Get interrupted while casting a spell.
Bronze Sorrowful yet laughing Prince Defeat Cezar. Scenario progress; Cesar becomes a part of the party.
Bronze Everyone, do your best! Everyone reaches level 40; Lazarel and Teresa only need one job at level 40 for this achievement.
Bronze Brilliant work experience All job classes are at least level 20 Change Job ability
Bronze Familiar Weapons Weapon Proficiency of any weapon at level 15 Proficiency Skills
Bronze Combo Master Accomplish a 350 hit combo
Bronze I summon you! Summoned a monster 150 times. Monster Coins
Bronze Weak allies Used demons to help an ally in the field 15 times Field Mission
Bronze Glitter Collector Picked up materials and accumulated 300 glitter points
Bronze Confident Trader Exchanged items in the Auction House 30 times. Material Exchange
Silver Thank you! You must have exchanged at least 150 medals
Gold Yanja Champion Defeated all monsters
Bronze Suspiciously Sunny Finished the “Queen’s Misunderstanding” Quest and returned her to Zebion. Scenario Progress
Bronze My sister’s request Improved the Healing Stone’s power and increased bag space.
Bronze Thank you, travelling merchants! Increase monster coin case capacity Must have accomplished quest 6-8
Bronze Great Accessories! Strengthened an accessory to max Accessory Alchemy
Bronze Full of Bonds Maximized total cost for Party Skills Bonding stone
Bronze Licensed General Mastered all party skills Party Skills
Bronze I can go anywhere Synchronized with all stone monuments Stone Monument
Bronze Millionaire Have at least 30,000,000 gold. Money Earnings
Silver Treasure Hunter Opened all treasure boxes Treasure Boxes on the field
Silver Time’s Up! Participated in the party in Zebion Scenario Progress
Silver Weapons Master Have all weapons
Silver Orbs Master Earned all orbs.
Silver Accessory Master Earned all the accessories. Accessories excluding the Gospel Ring
Silver Material Master Have all materials.
Silver Monster Hunter Killed all monster types.
Silver Monster Collector Collected all monster coins.
Silver Applause! Cleared all quests.
Gold Monster Doctor Grabbed all the items owned by the monsters
Silver Friend’s Response Battle as a Warrior
Gold End the Prophecy of the Twin Kings Defeat the Twin Kings

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