All Stone Monument Locations [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a guide on all stone monument locations in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including coordinates and how to access them in the game.

All Stone Monument Locations

Below is a list of Stone Monuments in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including their coordinates and notes on how to be able to access them in the game. Please note that some of the terms are roughly translated from the original Japanese game. We will be updating this page when new information becomes available.

Location Stone Monument Name Coordinates Notes
Greene Grasslands Around Oleka D6
Greene Grasslands Eastern Grassland Forest F4
Greene Grasslands Southern Grasslands B5 C6 will be opened in Quest 21 “Defeat the Demons at the Snowfield”
Golda Desert Near the Gaiyar Border C7
Golda Desert Around the Oasis F5
Golda Desert Desert High Ground E5 F4 will be opened after Meena joins you.
Rozas Forest Eastern Forest Gate E3
Rozas Forest Forest Cemetery D6
Rozas Forest Surrounding Cretia G3 Beyond the Magical Forest
Rao Wasteland Lava Area E4
Rao Wasteland Western Wasteland C3 E4 will open after you arrive at Ihrim Snowfield
Rao Wasteland Eastern Wasteland G5 F4 will open after defeating the King of Daral
Amal Canyon Canyon Pier G6
Amal Canyon Stone Bridge D4 F4 will open after defeating the King of Daral
Amal Canyon Northern Canyon E2 After you enter Amal CAnyon from Rao Wasteland after defeating the King o Daral
Ihrim Snowfield Around the Snowfield D6
Ihrim Snowfield Sacred Mountain Regen Entrance B3
Ihrim Snowfield South Snowfield F7 Defeat the Mandrake Marshal to open F5
Shrine of Trials Shrine of Trials C4

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