Main Quest Walkthrough – Snowfields of Darkness [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains a guide for the Snowfields of Darkness. We'll update this as we go along.

This page contains a walkthrough on the main quest “Snowfields of Darkness” in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – Snowfields of Darkness

Places to go to in the Snowfields of Darkness

Talk to the NPC at C-2 and you’ll receive a Princess Orb.

List of Chests in Snowfields of Darkness

Red numbers for the chests.

Number Location Item
1 E-7 Mini-Medal
2 G-7 Mini-Medal
3 F-7 Faerie Flame
4 F-4 Dual Ice Sword
5 F-3 (key) Sky Shield
6 F-2 (key) Mini-Medal
7 D-4 Tattoo of Anger
8 D-6 Mysterious Mud
9 C-6 Misfortune Orb, Hannya Orb, Hell Orb
10 B-4 Giant Tortoise Shell
11 B-3 (key) Heaven’s Orb
12 D-2 Golden Nugglet
13 B-3 Mini-Medal

Materials (Random Drop)

Green numbers for the material drops.

Number Locations Items to be Obtained
1 F-3 Silver Ore
2 G-3 Perpetual Snow
3 F-2 Perpetual Snow
4 E-2 Perpetual Snow
5 D-3 Perpetual Snow
6 F-3 Perpetual Snow
7 E-4 Perpetual Snow
8 E-4 Perpetual Snow
9 F-6 Platinum Ore
10 E-6 Platinum Ore
11 E-6 Platinum Ore
12 D-7 Perpetual Snow
13 E-7 Silver Ore
14 D-4 Elastic Twig
15 E-5 Silver Ore
16 D-5 Silver Ore
17 D-5 Ice Crystal
18 D-5 Ice Crystal
19 B-5 Lucida Shard
20 B-5 Ice Crystal
21 B-4 Ice Crystal
22 C-4 Chronocrystal
23 D-3 Silver Ore
24 D-2 Silver Nugget
25 C-2 Elastic Twig
26 B-2 Elastic Twig
27 C-3 Platinum Ore
28 C-2 Silver Ore

Monsters in Meadows of Darkness

Monster Name Dropping Material Location
Dark Skeleton Horse Manure, Pitch Pearl (Rare) All Regions
Mandrake Marauder Sizeable Seashell, Dragon Horn (Rare) Southern Region
Overkilling Machine Celestial Skein, Giant tortoise Shell (Rare) All Regions
Corpse Corporal Grubby Bandage, Ring of Immunity (Rare) All Regions
Hellion Fierce Fang, Magic Beast Bone (Rare) Central and North Region

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