Job Class Guide: Sage [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/DQHII]

This page contains an advanced job class guide for the Sage in Dragon Quest Heroes II. We will be updating this as we go along.


The Sage is the advanced class of the Mage and Priest in Dragon Quest Heroes II. This class includes those who have passed the two tests from both Magic Schools. Similar to the Gladiator, it has several compatible Weapons to choose from. Whichever weapon you choose, it gains four additional Skills that are universally available. Unlike the Gladiator, this class can double as a support type due to its access to healing and Buff Skills.

However the advanced Class has a handful of prerequisites to finish first, be sure to complete them in order to reward yourself with a powerful support-type class.

*Please do bear with us. We are translating it with whatever knowledge we have. We’ll update this as soon as the game comes out.



Job Skills

Skill name Effect LV SP Weapon
Healing Rain HP of all party members will recover gradually 15 8 Wands
Snooze Attempts to put an enemy group to sleep 15 8 Bows
Bless Staff Restores the self’s HP 15 8 Two-handed Staves
Omniheal Restores HP of all party members to full 30 50 Rods
Oomph Doubles one party member’s Attack 15 Whips
Zam Deals low level dark damage to one enemy 3 All weapons
└ Zamle First Variation 12 9 All weapons
└ Kazammle Second Variation: Has the highest range 24 15 All weapons
Kaclang Transforms all party members to iron which blocks enemy attacks at the expense of immobilizing them 3 All weapons

Stats Increase

Name Stat Increase
 HP +50
MP +24
WIS 60

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