Terry Character Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains a guide for Terry.


When using Terry, he’s one of the strongest in terms of attack. He’s a melee attacker as a swordsman and uses a variety of combos. These combos can chain up together to inflict devastating damage on Terry’s part. Because his attacks are versatile and have a good range, he can play in both boss fights and free battle.

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Technical name Remarks MP Cost
Gust Slash
Envelops the sword in wind and creates a tornado in front of user. 8
Lightning Strike
Forcefully strikes the ground with the sword making strong lightning erupt through the ground. 10
Falcon Slash
Creates afterimages and performs a high speed slash in unity. 16
Miracle Slash
Temporarily restores health when attacking enemies. 16
Double-Edged Slash  Sacrifices part of the users HP to perform a powerful blow. 8
Mighty Slash / Super Mighty Slash / Über Mighty Slash Enlarges the sword swinging it downwards with all one’s might. 11/15/19
Mercurial Blade Performs a swift stab. 4
Clang Temporarily turns the user’s body into iron making them invulnerable. 14

Strongest Weapon

Metal King’s Sword

  • Attack Power : 170
  • Method: medal exchange (120 medals)

How to earn him:

Defeat him in the Magical Forest

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