Maya Character Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This is the character guide for Maya.


Maya is a dancer-like fighter. She releases a variety of attacks and can cast powerful spells. Because of her versatility, she can perform feats in air. When connecting the combo, she can stay airborne for a long time and dodge incoming attacks. If you will add Maya to the party, make sure you have someone tanky enough to be a distraction.

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Technical name Remarks MP Cost
Fan Dango Attack nearby enemies while performing a beautiful dance 8
Dancing Dragons Summon 2 fire dragons to form a flaming tornado 12
Sizz/Sizzle/Kasizzle Casts a fire spell in front of the caster 8/ 13/ 19
Sultry Dance Attracts enemies and lowers their attack 8
Sword Dance Slices enemies while spinning 15
Pink Typhoon Jumps into the sky before descending down in a pink tornado slashing her enemies 11
Butterfly Dance Summons butterflies to attack enemies 9
Ring of Fire Attacks continuously while spinning forward 10

Strongest Weapon

Lavian Rose
Attack power: 157
How to get: Store (228700 G)

How to earn her

You have to complete the Cretia Quest first.

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