Main Quest Walkthrough – Grand Canyon [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains the walkthrough for Grand Canyon. Will update this as soon as I find a better translation.

This page contains a walkthrough on the main quest “Grand Canyon” in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – Grand Canyon

 List of things to do in the Grand Canyon

  • Battle stages in the Grand Canyon
    • Protect King Zebion from the attacking creatures
  • Battle through the mountain
  • Boss Battle: King of Felnock and the King of Muhrias
  • Head to Zebion

Battle Stages in the Grand Canyon

Protect King Zebion from the incoming creatures

七王そろいぶみ! 大峡谷会戦!の画像

List of Monsters
Name Loot Location
Captain of Felnock TBA Zergling
Treevil TBA
Moosifer TBA
Bonerider TBA
Minidemon TBA
Shaman TBA
Hawkman TBA
Hocus Chimaera TBA
Mummy TBA
Bodkin Bower TBA
Treasure Chest Location List



It’s pretty basic and simple: make sure that King Zebion doesn’t die. In the Grand Canyon, you’re going to be swamped with loads of creatures. If you’re planning out a strategy, have at least two characters that rely on melee to attack. Another two for magic. But since you’re controlling one character, you’ll have to decide the other three. After defeating a certain amount of monsters, they’ll soon retreat and you can proceed.

Tip: You can also use monster transformations to make your life easier.

Once they leave you alone, you can now proceed deeper into the canyon.

Battle through the Grand Canyon

List of Monsters

Name Loot Location
Captain of Felnock TBA Zergling
Treevil TBA
Moosifer TBA
Bonerider TBA
Great Sabercat TBA
Living Statue TBA
Skeleton Scrapper TBA
Jailcat TBA
Hawkman TBA
Minidemon TBA
Hocus Chimaera TBA
Sorcerer TBA
Bodkin Bower TBA

Treasure Chest Locations

  • B3
  • D2
  • E5
  • F7
  • G5


The first thing you gotta do is to stop them from attacking the center. You can create traffic out of them when using an AoE attack. After reducing them to a certain number, they’ll run away. With that, you can head for the door at B1. Again, refer to your map when you start looking for certain locations. If you want to move faster, use either the Bone Rider, Chimaera, or the Great Sabercat form to save time. Once you destroy the dark door, another demon disappears. When that happens, you can ignore the rest of the enemies along the way.

After that, head into the central area where you’ll have to defeat another set of demons again. Use the cliffs to your advantage to prevent taking too much damage.

Next, head to the area in G2. Once you get there, a large dragon will appear. Slaughter it first and then head to the next door. If you want the weak points and to kill it fast, hit the tail and the head. The rest will only deal neutral damage.

When you’re done with that door, head back to the lobby with all three doors facing you. As soon as you reach that area, a cut-scene will ensue. Once you gain control, you’ll have to deal with the Gatekeeper and his lackeys. Keep kiting around while hitting it with enough fire power to bring him down. In other words, use a hit and run strategy to keep yourself alive. If you want to deal more damage, you can also use your monster transformations to deal more damage.

Boss Battle: King of Felnock and King of Muhrias

Image of the king of the demonic bird and the king of the dead god

Now, this game seems fond of tag-team battles. The King of Felnock is your atypical spell-casting boss while the King Muhrias is this angry man-eating bird. Now, you at least can assume this: because the King of Felnock is a spellcaster, he won’t have high HP. The King of Muhrias on the other hand specializes in physical attack and speed so he will hurt.

My suggestion? Take out the spellcaster first.

Close in on the King of Felnock while dodging the spells and the charge attacks of the King of Muhrias. Once you do so, deal as much damage as you can on the King of Felnock. Keep the distance between you two increasingly close as it will allow you to anticipate his spells or you can interrupt them. Dodge whenever needed and employ the Focus Fire Strategy.

Trivia: The Focus Fire Strategy (FFS) is a strategy that employs focusing on one target at a time while dodging the other enemies. In doing so, not only does it divide and conquer but also deals max damage on a specific target.

Once the King of Felnock is down, target the King of Muhrias. Kite around and dodge his incoming wing blasts, slashes, charges, and screeches as it can do a lot of damage. But since the King of Felnock is down, all you have to worry about is the large fat chicken that you’re about to turn into KFC. Dodge his incoming attacks or use guard whenever his wing blasts come in. That way, you can deal damage and finish the battle.

Boss Battle: Drakulard

Movement Like a mountain! Image of?

After defeating the chicken and his master, you have a large dragon to deal with. Now, if you’re suicidal, go ahead and try battling the thing. However, my suggestion? That ain’t gonna work. Just run. Run like your pants are on fire. And once you reach a good distance, the Drakulard will stop chasing you and you’ll complete the area.

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