Main Quest Walkthrough – Castle of Darkness [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains a guide for the Castle of Darkness.

This page contains a walkthrough on the main quest “Castle of Darkness” in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – Castle of Darkness

Things to do in the Castle of Darkness

  • Go to the portal at the end of the Wasteland of Darkness
  • Battle through the Castle of Darkness:
    • Dark Beast x Demon Warrior x Dark Emperor x Dark Dragon
    • Sign of Zaram
    • Bond of Justice
    • Boss Battle: Demon King

Castle of Darkness


List of Monsters

Name Drops Location
 Pandora’s Box  TBA F6
Stone Guardian
Mandrake Marauder
Uberkilling Machine
Knight Abhorrent
Dark Skeleton
Red Archer

Treasure Chest Locations

  • F6 – When you get there, you have to fight the Pandora’s Box
  • G6 – It’s right outside when you’re in the area.
  • F2 – Head to the area with a moving floor.


Upon entering the castle, there are two treasure boxes. Grab the one the right because the one on the left is the Pandora’s Box. When you reach the center of the castle, there will be several creatures waiting for you there. Keep moving and you’ll notice that the platforms are moving. Keep kiting around while dealing damage against your enemies.

After awhile, you’ll encounter a Stone Guardian. He’ll also bring reinforcements. Focus on the Stone Guardian first before taking out his lackeys. Once they’re all down, the door will open. However, watch out. There are some monsters waiting for you behind the door. Once you enter, a whole horde of monsters will charge at you. Use any stuns or AoE attacks to give yourself the advantage before pressing on.

Once you take them out, there will be two Batmandrills and 2 Uberkilling machines. Take them down quickly before moving onto the next area. Once you get to the next area, there’s a moving floor puzzle. So, the first thing you have to do is press the switch at B2. After, use the arrow and push the switch at C3. When you finish up, move onto the right arrow to get to the door.

After that, you’ll have to fight an Axesaurus, a Mandrake Marauder, and a Knight Abhorrent. However, you may have a problem. The place is relatively narrow. If you have a Batmandrill or an Uberkilling machine, it’ll make your life easier. If you don’t, keep one on defense while you deal damage. Also, time your guards to make sure you don’t take too much damage.

When you finish those three off, there’s another puzzle. Head over first to E-2 to press the switch. From there, take the arrow to the east of E-3. Once you do, you’ll land on G-2, take another arrow heading east and head to the G-3 arrow before using the west arrow to finish everything up.

Dark Beast x Demon Warrior x Dark Emperor x Dark Dragon


List of Monsters

Name Drops Location
 Myushado  TBA  TBA
Master Moosifer
Mandrake Marshall
Stout Troll
Wight Priest
Night Rider
Blood Mummy

Treasure Chest Locations

  • Received after beating the boss

In this particular area, there are several rooms. Each room has a certain boss you’ll have to take out.


Southwest: Myushado

Myushado fights similarly to the Hellion. However, he’s relatively more boosted than one. He hits harder than one as well. If you want a little cherry to add, he also summons creatures when he’s at a certain amount of HP. Nice.

To take this guy out, it’s all about prioritizing which enemy to take out. If you have Monster Coins, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier. At 1/4 hp, four Batmandrills will appear. At 1/2 HP, an Axesaurus and a Mandrake Marauder will fight you. Finally after taking out 3/4 of his HP, he’ll summon a Stout Troll. But there’s no need to worry about that. Prioritize the summoned monsters or use the Monster coins to distract them. That way, you can focus on Myushado.

Southeast: Master Moosifer

Master Moosifer fights similarly to a Barbatos. However, he has some new additions such as spewing dark lasers and dark-laced breaths at you. It’s going to be relatively tough if you don’t dodge or guard properly. If you see his blasts, run if you can. But if you can’t run, block. However, continue kiting and bring down his HP. Just like the Myushado, he’ll summon a set of creatures at certain amounts of HP. At 1/4 HP, he’ll summon a Wight Priest and 4 Infernal Armors. At 1/2, he’ll summon a Night Rider. When you’ve damaged 75% of his HP, he’ll summon a Demon-At-Arms and a Blood Mummy.

Just like the first boss, take out his summoned lackeys before focusing on him. Use Monster Coins if necessary.

Northwest: Duran

Duran mainly uses fire attacks. What makes it worse is that he has a variety of attacks such as slashing and charging towards you with roaring flames. So, attacking him head on like the two other bosses is not a good idea. If ever, leave your party members to deal the damage while you focus on healing. You can also use debuffs such as lowering his defense in order to have higher damage output. Bolster also your teammate’s attacks if you can to deal more damage.

When his HP hits half, enchant your weapons and unleash everything you got. It’ll deal more damage and you won’t have such a hard time anymore.

Northeast: Pruslas

Pruslas has a similar attacking pattern to that of Balzack. However, he has a Fire attribute unlike the usual Dark attribute. Guard and dodge whenever you can because taking a hit will kill you. He also gains more attack power the lower his HP is. So, focus on kiting and dealing damage whenever you can.

While guarding is okay, there are some shockwave attacks to take note of. Jump whenever you see it happen. But if you can transform into a flying creature, it’ll save you from taking too much damage.

Sign of Zaram


List of Monsters

Name Drops Location
 Heavy Hood  TBA  TBA
Uberkilling Machine
Knight Abhorrent
Corpse Corporal
Genie Sanguini
Bloody Hand
Wight Priest
Night Rider
Red Archer

Treasure Chest Locations

  • F7 – At the end of the area
  • B6 – Behind the breakable wall


First, take note that the southwest gate is open. There’s a barrier around the area and stepping on it will deal damage. If you see enemies on the other side, use spells to take them out. After that, head to the southeast gate where a large amount of monsters will appear. Since it’s on a narrow road, use ranged AoE skills to take them all out at once. When that happens, pull the lever at G6 to move forward.

After that, head northeast into the gate. The ground’s frozen though so it won’t be easy to move through. If you have any Monster Coins, use it to transform into the Batmandrill to fly across. When you get across, head to the northwest gate where you’ll see walls in red on the map. Apparently, they’re breakable so break them down. When you do so, grab the treasure chest and pull the lever at B-4 to move forward.

Finally, open the north gate and you can break the portal down into pieces. Break the door before making your way to the last area of the stage. Use your main skills but don’t spend any Monster Coins yet. You’ll need them later.

Bond of Justice

List of Monsters

Name Drops Locations
Wight Priest TBA TBA
Axesaurus TBA TBA
Night Rider TBA TBA
Heavy Hood TBA TBA
Demon-at-Arms TBA TBA
Knight Abhorrent TBA TBA
Corpse Corporal TBA TBA
Lethal Armor TBA TBA
Dark Skeleton TBA TBA
Blood Mummy TBA TBA
Red Archer TBA TBA

Treasure Location List



It is a fight while protecting Homiron.
Let’s first destroy the two evil doors in front. Meanwhile, since monsters do not appear from the left and right demon doors, you can concentrate and fight.

While going through this stage, you’ll have to protect a specific character. But while you’re doing so, you’ll have to fight all the demons coming at you. Thankfully, there’s nothing to worry about since no demons will ambush you from the sides. While destroying the demons, have monsters protect your hostage. After that, destroy the dark portal on the east side. Destroy it otherwise you’ll get flooded with monsters. Once you’re done with the east side, take out the west side. Don’t forget to prioritize defeating the Night Rider first.

Continue destroying the portals but make sure you’re still protecting your hostage. Keep the demons all clumped up together so that you can easily destroy them. However, King Daral along with five reinforcements. They’ll continue helping so leave the monsters out.

Final Boss Battle

List of Monsters

Monsters Drops Locations
Knight Abberant TBA TBA
Night Clubber TBA TBA
Low Djinks TBA TBA
Tortured Soul TBA TBA
Gryphon TBA TBA
Abominable Snowman TBA TBA


This part is relatively easy as it is the last part of the Castle. It’s pretty much killing things over and over again. You’ll come across a few Slimes, a Mummy Boy, and golems. Some of the monsters that will appear are relatively strong. All it takes is some prioritizing especially when taking down the strong monsters. Take down the Knight Abberant and the Abomimable Snowman. You’ll have a Wing Tiger appear every now and then.

After that, you can finally move on to the boss fight…

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