Main Quest Walkthrough – Meadow of Darkness [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains a guide for Meadow of Darkness. We'll add more stuff soon.

This page contains a walkthrough on the main quest “Meadow of Darkness” in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – Meadow of Darkness

Places to go to in the Meadow of Darkness

Head over to E5 where an NPC will give you a a Bonding Stone.

List of Chests in Meadow of Darkness

Red numbers for the chests.

Number Location Item
G-2 Glinting Grass
F-4 Mini-Medal
D-4 50G
E-6 Gold Nugget
E-7 Mini-Medal
B-6 Traveler’s Orb
A-3 Grand Magic Orb

Materials (Random Drop)

Green numbers for the material drops.

Number Locations Items to be Obtained
1 D-7 Cotton Grass
2 E-7 Butterfly Wing
3 F-6 Cruel Plant
4 E-6 Flintstone
5 E-4 Sturdy Stick
6 G-4 Sturdy Stick
7 G-4 Sturdy Stick
8 G – 3 Sturdy Stick
9 F-2 Cotton Grass
10 D-3 Butterfly Wing
11 E-2 Sturdy Stick
12 F-3 Sturdy Stick
13 E-4 Butterfly Wing
14 D-5 Cotton Grass
15 C-7 Flintstone
16 E-7 Cotton Grass
17 G-2 Cotton Grass
18 G-6 Cruel Plant
19 G-6 Cruel Plant
20 G-6 Cruel Plant
21 C-7 Silk Grass
22 B-6 Silk Grass
23 A-5 Butterfly Wing
24 C-5 Faerie Fluff
25 C-3 Silk Grass
26 B-2 Faerie Fluff
27 B-3 Faerie Fluff

Monsters in Meadows of Darkness

Monster Name Dropping Material Location
Crack-billed Platypunk Cruel Claw Magic Beast Hide (Rare) North
Wing Tiger North
Metal Slime Knight Iron Ore Densinium (Rare) All Regions
Terror Tabby Cat Litter Fierce Fang (Rare) North
Corpse Corporal Grubby Bandage Ring of Immunity (Rare) All Regions
Genie Sanguini Faerie Fluff Technicolour Dreamcloth (Rare) West
King Cureslime Silk Grass Catholicon Ring (Rare) West

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