Angelo Character Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a character guide for Angelo in Dragon Quest Heroes 2.


Angelo is a long-range specialist and engages enemies using a bow. He can also support his allies by using his tambourine to increase the tension gained by the party temporarily.

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Ability MP Needed
Shining Shot: Shoots a continuous hail of light arrows at the targeted location. 12 MP
Rain of Pain: Shoots multiple arrows simultaneously, targeted enemies are hit continuously. 8 MP
Needle Shot / Needle Rain: Shoots sharp arrows that have a higher chance to crit. 6 / 9 MP
Power Snipe: Draws the bow to its limit releasing a powerful arrow. 11 MP
Poison Arrow: Shoots a poison arrow at the targeted location, poisoning enemies. 9 MP
Chilling Chuckle: Lets out a chuckle cold as ice, freezing nearby enemies. 4 MP
Timbrel of Tension: Plays the timbrel, increases tension gained by the party temporarily. 8 MP
Oomph: Increases attack power temporarily. 9 MP

Basic Combos

Technical name Button operation
Normal Shot
Charging Shot Press and hold □
Aerial Shot In the air □
Aerial Kick In the air △

Strongest Weapon

Orpheus Bow

  • Attack Power: 160
  • Additional Effects: 2% chance of inflicting bedazzle
  • How to Obtain: Sold at the shop (after finishing the main quest)

How to make him an ally

He will join when you reach Sacred Mountain Regens.

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