Space-Time Labyrinth: Red Demon Map Quest [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a walkthrough of the Red Demon Map Quest. It includes basic information, and strategy on how to deal with the enemies and bosses for each floors. We will be updating this as we go along.

Red Demon Map Quest

This article contains a walkthrough of the Red Demon Map Quest. It includes basic information, and strategy on how to deal with the enemies and bosses for each floors.

Some of the stuff in the Red demon Map Quest is translated directly from a Japanese walkthrough. This is the raw translation. We will update this as we go along.

Basic Information

Prerequisite: Clear Between the Evil Knights Map Quest then talk to Erinn.

Level Requirement: 40

Reward: Great Big Scales?


Boss Battle: True Knight Clubber

Name of Attack Description
?? After the True Knight Clubber executes a heavy swing, his club will cause a huge explosion. The radius of the blast is wide, however if you have a reasonable amount of invincibility (mikawashi?) you will be able to avoid it.
?? Smashes his club to the ground to raise (hikiko?) then detonates. All characters affected by the shock wave will be temporarily crippled, thus it’s recommended to dodge it by jumping off the ground.
?? Jumps upward to launch a devastating attack. You need to get behind it to dodge this attack safely.
Hammer Cleave

It twists its body then begins to Cleave. Defending while having Mikawashi allows you safely evade this attack.

?? Steps back sluggishly, breathes heavily then its horn will begin to shine. This is a linear attack which can be avoided by dodging to the side.
Tail Slam

True Knight Clubber uses this to retaliate from back stab attacks. It will whip its tail at you to deal damage. To dodge, either jump off or back away.

Shock Wave Unleashes a shock wave after it attempts to pulverize you. This deals tremendous damage, thus it’s recommended to dodge it by suspending in the mid-air.
?? Takes a step back then charges at you. This attack deals higher damage than its regular attacks.


True Knight Clubber Black Woodchuck
Stout Troll Green Dragon

Battle Tips

Initially, there are only 2 enemies on the field however they make up for it with their strong attacks. Be sure to land those hits in after it finishes executing its attack.

As you shave off 20% of its HP, 2 evil doors will emerge. This prompts several Black woodchucks to appear. Use the Monster coin to strike them down.

With 60% HP remaining, it will summon Black woodchuck and Stout Troll. Focus on defeating the Black woodchucks first then finish off the remaining Stout Trolls. Keep the tension up and attack with High Tension.

At 30% HP left, another Demon Door will appear which summons a swarm of Green Dragon. More Black woodchuck will come in from the Demon Door. Keep an eye out for the “keeper” as it buffs adjacent monsters through “Baikiruto.”

Concentrate all the attacks on the “keeper” first to prevent it from casting buffs on the mobs, then take down the Demon Door. As you clear the first two, finish the remaining Green Dragons. If you can save tension at this round, you will collect a huge amount that will be enough for 3 High Tensions to emerge victorious.

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