Desdemona Character Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This page contains a character guide for Desdemona in Dragon Quest Heroes II


Desdemona is a warrior who uses an axe to unleash powerful attacks against enemies.

She is good for pushing through multiple waves of enemies to progress towards the objective, however, she is quite slow compared to other party members.

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Ability MP Needed
Parallax / Super Parallax / Über Parallax: Sends a blue shockwave crawling through the ground making nearby enemies fly away 10 / 18 / 26 MP
Scrap Mettle: An attack with an axe that can absolutely decimate an enemy’s agility and defence. 12 MP
Jolly Rager: Whips up a storm with axe swings alone. 10 MP
Flame Strikes: Engulfs the axe in fire swings in large sweeping attacks 11 MP
Crackerwhack: Swings the axe down from overhead with earth-shattering strength. 10 MP
Heart Break: A powerful thrust that causes enemies to flinch 9 MP
Heavy Boost: Buffs attack power and increases the speed of Rampage temporarily 11 MP
Air Crash: Takes a great leap into the air smashing the axe into the ground 5 MP
Rampage (Hold △): Swings the axe continously releasing the button will either perform Mow Down or Evil Slash depending on how long the button was held.

Basic combos

Combo Name Button operation
Axe Combo □ → □ → □ → □ → □
Rampage Hold △
Clean Sweep Release △ during Rampage
Hatchet Man Release △ button when Rampage has reached maximum speed
Aerial Chop □ While airborne
Smashdown △ While airborne

Strongest Weapon

Glory Axe

  • Attack Power: 180
  • Where to get: Store (241700 G)

How to make her an ally

She will join you once you reach Zebion.

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