Carver Character Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a character guide for Carver in Dragon Quest Heroes 2.


Carver is a towering fighter with a tough physique. He is able to use abilities that heal himself or temporarily enhance his attack and defense to take on powerful enemies and bosses in the game.

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Ability MP Needed
Knuckle Sandwich / Super Knuckle Sandwich / Über Knuckle Sandwich: Charges the fist releasing it in a powerful lunge 10 / 19 / 31
Meditation: Calms body and mind restoring health 8
Power Charge: Raises attack power temporarily 6
Imposing Stance: Raises defense temporarily 7
Flying Knee / Super Flying Knee / Über Flying Knee: Performs a flying knee technique in front of the user 7 / 13 / 18
Circumduction: Mows down nearby enemies with large sweeping attacks 11
Rock Drop: Picks up a rock then jumps into the air throwing it straight down. 8
Cyclone Uppercut: Performs a large uppercut that creates a tornado that flings enemies away. 11

Basic Combos

Technique Button Operation
Right hook
Knuckle Duster □ → □
Sledgehammer □ → □ → □
Roundhouse Kick
Knee Cross △ → △
Drop Kick △ → △ → △
Flying Hammer □ While airborne
Heel Drop △ While airborne

Strongest Weapon

Blue Flame Gauntlet

  • Attack Power: 180
  • Addition Effects: 4% chance of not consuming MP when using abilities/spells
  • How to Obtain: Sold at the Store for 230000 G (after completing the main quest)

How to make him an ally

He will join you when you reach the Magical Forest.

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