Jessica Character Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a character guide for Jessica in Dragon Quest 2.


Jessica wields a whip in battle and has access to some useful and powerful spells. She can also provide support by healing the entire party with her Hustle Dance.

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Ability MP Needed
Whipcrackle: Envelops the weapon with lightning whipping the ground causing a bolt of lightning to strike. 8
Spark Shot: Whips nearby enemies causing them to become dazzled 11
Crack: Casts an ice spell in front of the user that can cause enemies to freeze 9 / 17 / 2
Deceleratle: Decreases nearby enemies’ speed. 12
Jibaria / Jibarika / Jibariina: Draws a magic circle on the ground that causes a damaging rock to appear after a short period of time. 10 / 16 / 25
Magic Barrier: Creates a magic barrier that reflects enemy spells. 24
Sexy Beam: Charms enemies with sex appeal, making their hearts skip a beat. 13
Hustle Dance: Performs an energetic dance that heals all allies. 25

Basic Combos

Technical name Button operation
Multi Strikes □ → □ → □ → □
△ → △
Pounding Strike □ → △
□ → □ → △
Creeping Snakes □ → □ → □ → △
In the air □
In the air △

Strongest Weapon

Gringham’s Whip

  • Attack Power: 169
  • How to Obtain: Defeat 15 or more enemies simultaneously with a coup de grace at the Tower of Legend Free Battle under 20 minutes. This will disable the magic barrier in Rao Wasteland (C4) where you can get 2 treasure chests. One of them contains the Whip. You’ll need to finish the main quest to do this.

How to make her an ally

Jessica will join you at the Sacred Mountain Regen.

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