Main Quest Walkthrough – Amal Canyon [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a full walkthrough of the Main Quest Amal Canyon in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including enemies, objectives, and strategy. We will be updating this as we go along.

This page contains a walkthrough on the main quest “Amal Canyon” in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – Amal Canyon

Journey to the Great Canyon

  • As you arrive, you will encounter a group of Orenka Soldiers.
  • Challenge Grim Rider: once you beat it, it will flee.
  • Over at the East section are Orenka Soldiers.
  • Challenge Hell niño: Similar to Grim Rider, it will also escape once you defeat it.
  • Proceed North to find more Orenka Soldiers.
  • Challenge the Troll: Like the others, once you defeat it, it will run away.
  • The next segment leads to the Battle Stage “The Great Canyon.”

Amal Canyon Treasure Boxes / Glitter Place

※ 5th Blue is found by the Hot Springs.
※ 6th Blue rests at behind the Blockade.

Please excuse our crude translation of Japanese. We will update this as soon as an English version comes out.

Number Place Items to be Obtained
1 F-7 Knight’s shield
2 F-6 (key) Mini medal
3 C-5 Genki Ball
4 D-2 Endure ring
5 E-6 (key) Mini medal
6 F-3 Thunder sword

Glitter Place

※ Random Drops
*Find Numbers 17-19 at the Spa Section.
Number Place Items to be Obtained
1 C-6 Iron Ore
2 D – 6 Iron ore
3 E-7 Thinkincense
4 F-7 Hemp Yarn
5 F-4 Iron Ore
6 G-4 Hemp Yarn
7 G-4 Thinkincense
8 C-5 Mirror Stone
9 D-4 Thinkincense
10 D-4 Mirror Stone
11 E-4 Mirror Stone
12 F-2 Thinkincense
13 E-2 Blue Eye
14 D-2 Sparkling Sapphire
15 C-3 Spellbound Bough
16 E-3 Sturdy Stick
17 E-5 Warmaline
18 E-5 Warmaline
19 E-5 Warmaline

Monsters in Amal Canyon

List of Monsters

Monster Name Dropping material Emerging area
Skeleton Scrapper (のきし?) Iron nail (rare)
Small bones
Around Zebion
Rock Bomb Lava lump (rare)
Bracer of sacrifice
All regions
Splatypunk Shinano nail (rare)
All regions
Hawkman Wing of bat (rare)
Fluffy Feather
Around Zebion
Hacksaurus Small scale (rare)
Titan belt
All regions
Hell niño Warmaline(rare)
Enchanted stone
Around Lao Wilderness
Troll Rinku extract (rare)
Strength ring
Rock Bomb Lava lump (rare)
Bracer of sacrifice
Around Lao Wilderness
Grim Rider Evencloth (rare)
Endure ring
Northern Section

Amal Canyon Battle Strategy

Boss Fight: Grim Rider

Grim Rider, Skeleton Scrapper (のきし?)

Start off with a Ranged Skill to take out nearby Skeleton Scrapper (のきし?). Grim Rider has a diverse attack pattern, with Rushing Attack, Crest Light Bullet, and Continuous Thrusting. The best approach is to memorize its pattern to emerge victorious.

Boss Fight: Hell Niño

Hell niño, Hacksaurus

Hell Nino exerts some offensive pressure due to its powerful Attack, thus it’s best to use Hit and Run tactics. Once you defeat it, Hacksaurus will come out. Striking with some backstabs helps to take it out relatively safely.

Boss Fight: Troll

Troll, Rockbomb

The third and final battle will pit you against the Troll along with Rockbombs. Focus on the Troll, and gradually the number of Rockbombs will become fewer. Once you have finished the battle, the Rockbombs will flee.

Stone Monument Locations

· G-7

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