How to Get the Best Weapons [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a guide on how to obtain the best weapons in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including locations and quests to undertake.

How to Get the Best Weapons

There are a myriad of collectible weapons in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Certain characters can only use a specific type of weapon, so it’s best to acquiant yourself with the most powerful once for each of the weapon classifications in the game.

Please note that we will be updating this guide regularly, as some of the terms are roughly translated from the original Japanese version of the game.

Erdrick Weapons

  • You must have killed the Twin Kings to activate Side Quest 16  “Unlocking Pathways
  • Clearing the quest clears the magic barrier in Ihrim Snowfield (c5)
  • Beyond the magic barrier are four treasure chest, three of which contain Erdrick weapons
Weapon Type Attack / Defense Effects
One-handed sword Erdrick’s Sword 130 Attack power 10
Shield Erdrick’s Shield Blaze resistance increased by 10%
Orb Erdrick’s Orb 130 Spell resistance increase by 10%

Sky Weapons

Weapon Type Attack / Defense Effects How to Obtain
One-handed sword Sword of the Sky 130 Forest of Darkness Treasure Chest (E3)
Shield Shield of the Sky Dazzle resistance increased by 50% Snowfield of Darkness Treasure Chest (F3)
Orb Orb of the Sky 130 Instant Death resistance increased by 90% Snowfield of Darkness Treasure Chest (B4)

Pharaoh’s Claw (Claw)

  • Talk to the merchant that gives you the entry permit to enter Golda Desert and hear about the pyramid’s treasure (D6).
  • Obtain the key to the treasure chest at the end of the pitfall (D1) of the free battle at Jywall border.
Name Type Attack Effect
Pharaoh’s Claw Claw 158 Sometimes attracts enemies.

Thunder Sword

Weapon Type Attack Effects
Thunder Sword One-handed sword 165 High Tension duration increased by 1 (Terry)

Gringham Whip

Weapon Type Attack Effects
Gringham Whip Whip 169

Metal King Weapons

Metal King weapons are obtained by trading Mini Medals. Each one costs 120 to acquire.

Weapon Type Attack Effects
Dual Swords of the Metal King Dual Swords 180
Sword of the Metal King One-handed sword 170
Greatsword of the Metal King Two-handed sword 190
Spear of the Metal King Spear 170
Shield of the Metal King Shield Guard Success Damage Reduction increased by 15%

Weapons Sold at the Shop (After Clearing the Game)

These weapons will only be sold at the shop after clearing the game.

Weapon Type Attack Effects Price
Glory Axe Axe 180 4% chance to negate MP consumption 241700
Orichalcum Gauntlet Gauntlet 173 (Alena only) 223500
Blue Flame Gauntlet Gauntlet 180 4% chance to negate MP consumption (Hassan only) 230000
Wealthy Merchant’s Abacus Abacus 160 230260
Guidance Tarot Tarot 153 222850
Lavianne Rose Fan Fan 157 High Tension duration is increased by 1. 228700
Dark Star Boomerang 144 Magic +10 223750
Orpheus Bow Bow 160 2% chance of inflicting bedazzle 227400
Ancient Wand Wand 48 Max HP increased by 6 228300
Staff of the Dragon Two-handed staff 54 Max MP increased by 30 223500
Apocalypse Rod 175 Critical chance is increased by 1% 245600

Ultimate Weapons

Ultimate Weapons are the most powerful weapons in the game, and are obtained by defeating bosses in the Time Labyrinth. They have the most attack values in the game and can have up to three random special effects on them.

Weapon Type Attack
True Knight’s Dual Swords Dual swords 175
True Knight’s Sword One-handed Sword 165
True Falcon’s Sword One-handed Sword 160
True Nobleman’s Greatsword Two-handed Sword 185
True Queen’s Axe Axe 175
True Royal Gauntlet Gauntlet 168
True Feeding Iron Gauntlet Gauntlet 175
True Saint’s Spear Spear 165
True Justice Abacus Abacus 155
True Galaxy Tarot Tarot 148
True Maiden’s Fan Fan 153
True Crimson Boomerang Boomerang 139
True White Wolf Claw Claw 153
True Wing Bow Bow 155
True Power Whip Whip 164
True Zephyr Wand Wand 43
True Staff of the Dark Clan Two-handed Staff 49
True Power Rod Rod 170

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