Main Quest Walkthrough – Cretia [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DHQII]

This article contains a walkthrough for Cretia. Will update this as we go along.

This page contains a walkthrough on the main quest “Cretia” in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – Cretia

Things to do in Cretia

  • From the Magical Forest, head to Cretia  after finishing off the boss.
  • While you’re there, Minea will  help you out. She’s a valuable asset in battle.
  • Battle against the Shield of Truth
    • After defeating it, Minea permanently joins your party.
  • Dodge the traps all throughout Cretia’s dungeon
  • Defeat the two angry Lizardmen
  • Defeat Maya
  • Head to Zebion

Shield of Truth


List of Monsters

Name Drops Location
Killing Machine TBA TBA

List of Treasure Chests

  • C4 – Head to the Northwest prison


You’re going to have a bit of a problem here. Because you can’t use spells and feats, you may as well rely on characters that can damage using their basic physical attacks. If you got Terry and Hassan from the Magical Forest then, you’ll have a much easier time. However, at the first part, you’ll have to dodge enemies since you won’t have weapons on you. Unfortunately, your weapons won’t be on the guards. Apparently, your weapons are stashed at the northeast room of the Cretia dungeon. Avoid the lasers from the dungeon guards as it will trigger a battle. If you manage to do so then, the room should be relatively easy to reach.

However, take note of the three guards patrolling around. Watch their pattern before breaking through and making your way into the Northeast side. Continue dodging the guards or guarding from their attempts to kill you before you finally reach the guard at C-3 of the map. Defeat him if you can to grab the key.

Tip: Since you can’t do much, use the environment to your advantage. In doing so, use the pillars to block the incoming attacks to prevent any incoming damage.

While moving around, keep an eye on your HP. You can use the Heal Stone to keep your HP up to par. It will help if you accomplished the “Seeking healing power!” Quest that increases the power of your heal stones. This quest is in Rozas Woodlands where you approach a Kingslime and hand over a Raw Healing Stone.

Cretia Dungeon Run


List of Monsters

Name Drops Location
Killing Machine TBA TBA
Cretia Soldiers TBA TBA
Shaman TBA TBA
Chimaera TBA TBA
Restless Armour TBA TBA
Fightgeist TBA TBA
Brownie TBA TBA
Man o’ War TBA TBA
Bag o’ Laughs TBA TBA

List of Treasures

  • B4 – It’s at the back area. You’ll need a key to get to it thought.
  • B5 – Head into the small room in that area.
  • C5 – Head into the small room in that area. There might be two in that area.
  • F6, E5 – Look for the dead-end.
  • G2, F2 – You get these before hitting the blue switch


First, you’re going to need a key for that garden at B4. Head to D6 of the map and grab the key there. When you get the key, return to the garden. Use the key to get in and you’ll spot a waterway north of the garden. If you go through the water, you’ll have a hard time. But if you can transform into a Chimera, so much the better.

However when you get there, you’ll have to fight four Dread Admirals. By now, you should at least have some weapons on you if they managed to drop. After defeating them, press the button on the door. With that, one door shuts but the door on the left (right if you’re facing the other way) opens. If you want to get through, press the switches in this order: Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, Red, Blue, Blue, Red.

Once you solve this part, you’ll have to deal with another Killer Machine. Smack it down and you’ll have to fight a boss battle.

Boss Battle: Captain Dototsu and Captain Kaman


*Do excuse me. Some of their names are directly translated from Japanese

There are two of these angry Lizardmen going at you. However, there’s an easy way to defeat them. Wait until their guard drops because focusing at one target at the time. That way, you won’t have a problem dealing with the other one when that happens. Try cornering one into a wall and dodge their attempts to rush you down with their flying attacks. If you can corner one into a wall, you can probably deal more damage as you only have one side to worry about.

After defeating them, they’ll drop you some gear and you can go on your merry way.

Boss Battle: Maya


Unfortunately after that angry boss fight, you’re going to have another one. You’ll notice that she looks exactly like Minea except more in an Arabian dancer outfit. When fighting her, dodge her incoming magic attacks. Since she’s also small, she’s a bit fast and quite annoying if you’re not carefully. She’ll keep up with ranged attacks but you can close in the distance to take her down.

However, this won’t take long. After a few blows, there will be a short cut-scene.

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