Titles Summary and Mini-medal Awards [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains the trophies and achievements from Dragon Quest Heroes 2. We're updating.

Mini-medal Awards

Every time you receive a new title, you also have an accompanying medal with it. However, these titles are not easy to come by. There are some that are easy to do. Others, not so much. When you earn the title, you also earn a mini-medal that you can use to exchange for prizes and different other items.

Titles and Mini-medal

Please excuse the translations. They’re directly lifted and we’ll update them eventually.

Title Method Mini-medal
Beginning of Adventure Start the game 1 Mini-medal
Metal Slime Hunter Kill Metal Slimes 1 Mini-medal
Liquid Metal Slime Hunter Kill Liquid Metal Slimes 1 Mini-medal
Metal king slime Hunter Kill Metal King Slimes 1 Mini-medal
Hidden Meddley Used the High Tension attacks of all party members
It’s Rainy and Windy Experienced all weathers in all fields 1 Mini-medal
Welcome back Cleared Labyrinth of Space and Time for the first time 1 Mini-medal
Caution: Look Overhead N/A 1 Mini-medal
Sorrowful Prince Cesar joins the party 2 Mini-medal
Everyone, do your best! All party members reach level 40
Brilliant work! All characters with a professional level of 20 2 Mini-medal
Weapons Familiarity Raise weapon skill level to 1 5 3 Mini-medal
Combo Master 350 Hit Combo Achievement 1 Mini-medal
I summon you! Called a monster 1 50 times 1 Mini-medal
Ally’s Weakness Demons helped 1 5 people 2 Mini-medal
Materials Collector Pick up the material 300 times 1 Mini-medal
Confidential Trader Exchanged 30 times at the Auction House
Thank you! Exchanged 1 50 medals 5 Mini-medal
Yanja Champion Defeat all demons
Weirdly sunny Clear Cretia 3 Mini-medal
With my sister’s request Improve healing stone limit 1 Mini-medal
Thank you to the traveling merchants! Max out monster coin case 1 Mini-medal
Great Accessories! Strengthen the accessories to max 1 Mini-medal
Full of bonds Maxed out party skills 1 Mini-medal
General License Mastered all party skills
Going anywhere Registered all Stone Monuments 1 Mini-medal
Millionaire The gold acquired reaches 300,000 G in total. 3 Mini-medal
Treasure Hunter Opened all treasure chests
Time filled Celebrated the end of the fight at Zebion 3 Mini-medal
Weapons Master Collected all weapons
Orb Master Collected all orbs
Accessory Master Collected all accessories
Materials Master Collected all materials 5 Mini-medal
Monster Hunter Killed all monsters
Monster Collector Collected all monster coins
Applause Clear all quests 5 Mini-medal
Dr. Monster Grabbed all the items dropped by monsters
Response to a friend N/A 5 Mini-medal
Prophecy of the Twin Kings Kill the Twin Kings 10 Mini-medal

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