Kiryl Character Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains a guide for Kiryl.


Kiryl plays good support. He also uses a spear weapon. If anything, he should be in a party for dungeon runs. he plays the support role and can revive any party members who are downed.

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Technical name Remarks MP Cost
Maulstrom / Super Maulstrom / Über Maulstrom
Releases a shock wave sharp as a wolf’s fang that pierces enemies in a wide area. 8/14/20
Pressure Pointer:
Takes a leap into the air, lunging the spear at the enemies with great force. May instantly kill foes on rare occasions. 12
Lightning Conductor
Thrusts the lightning imbued spear into the ground releasing electric shock waves. 8
Goddess’ Blessing
 Imbues the spear with the strength of the Godess, extending the area of effect of attacks. 7
Renew / Midrenew / Morerenew
Draws a healing magic circle on the ground that gradually restores the health of allies.
Flashing Lightning Thrusts
Envelops the spear in lightning an performing a flurry of thrusts. Press the button repeatedly to increase the number of attacks. 14
Increases the defense of the party temporarily. 12
 Casts a spell that may cause enemies to pass away. 8

Strongest Weapon


  • Attack Power : 170
  • Method: medal exchange (120 sheets)

How to earn him:

Clear the Grand Canyon battle quest – Rescue the Queen!

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