Main Quest Walkthrough – Rao Wasteland [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]


This page contains a walkthrough on the main quest “Rao Wasteland” in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – Rao Wasteland

Rao Wasteland Strategy

  • Go north and head towards “Dalal”.
  • Try to go to the previous area and a custcene will occur.
  • Return to Zebion.
  • Talk to Ornese.
  • Go to Amal Canyon.

Rao Wasteland Map (Items Placements Guide)

  • Blue 1 will be opened after clearing the story mission in the map.
  • Blue 2 will be opened after clearing the story mission in the map.
  • There will be a geyser that comes out near Blue 3, so you need to avoid it by jumping.

Treasure boxes

  • Treasure box locations are highlighted in red numbers.
  • Numbers 10 and 11 are available at the back of the barrier.
No. Location Items to be Obtained
1 E-6 Shell Shield
2 E-5 (key) Mini Medal
3 C-5 Vaguely Orb
4 F-5 Baby’s Orb
5 C-7 Energy Ball
6 G-6 Gold Bar
7 G-2 King Blade
8 E-1 (key) Orichalcum
9 B-2 Destroyer
10 B-4 Energy Ball
11 B-5 Gringham’s Whip

Item placements (glitter locations)

  • Item locations are highlighted in green numbers.
  • Some items may appear randomly.
No. Location Items to be Obtained
1 D – 6 Madurite
2 D-7 Madurite
3 E-6 Ethereal Stone
4 E-6 Madurite
5 D-5 Warmaline
6 D – 6 Warmaline
7 D-5 Warmaline
8 E-4 Warmaline
9 F-4 Madurite
10 G-4 Warmaline
11 F-5 Iron Nails
12 F-5 Iron Nails
13 G-5 Colossal Fossil
14 C-6 Small Bone
15 B-6 Large Bone
16 G-6 Twilight Twig
17 F-6 Densinium
18 F-7 Spellbound Bough
19 G-6 Colossal Fossil
20 D-3 Warmaline
21 E-3 Densinium
22 G – 3 Twilight Twig
23 F-2 Manky Mud
24 F-2 Densinium
25 E-2 Mysterious Mud
26 D-1 Faerie Fluff
27 C-1 Lucida Shard
28 B-3 Twlight Twig
29 C-3 Mysterious Mud
30 D-2 Warmaline

Monsters appearing in Rao Wasteland

Monster Name Drop/s Area of Appearance
Magic Marionette
  • Sturdy stick (rare)
  • Pitch pearl
Zebion ~ Amal Valley
  • Toad oil (rare)
  • Pitch pearl
Zebion ~ Amal Canyon
Terror Tabby
  • Kitty litter (rare)
  • Fierce fangs
Zebion ~ Amal Canyon
Great Sabrecat
  • Fierce fangs (rare)
Zebion ~ Amal Canyon
  • Red eye
Northern part
Sweaty Yeti
  • Glass frit
  • Big cactus
Northern part
Green Dragon
  • Dragon hide
  • Dragon horn
Northern part
Gold Golem
  • Gold nugget
  • Gold bar
Northern part

Bosses in Rao Wasteland

Wight King


It is recommended that you are at Level 30 or more before facing Wight King.

Since the boss’s defense is quite low, focus on attacking it using melee attacks. Avoid and dodge his long-range attacks and you will be able to defeat this boss easily.



It is also recommended that you are at Level 30 or more before facing Demon-at-Arms.

Since you will not be able to cause damage unless the boss stands in front of you or near you, make sure that your melee attacks could deal massive amounts of damage before dodging or avoiding his counterattacks.

Stone Monument Locations

  • E-5
  • G-5
  • C-3

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