Main Quest Walkthrough – Accordia [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]


This page contains a walkthrough on the main quest Accordia in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Most of the terms here are based on the Japanese version of the game, so some terms may not be translated clearly. We will be updating this when the English version of the game comes out in April 25, 2017.

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Main Quest Walkthrough – Accordia

Arriving at Accordia

  • Speak to your cousin.
  • Talk to the nun and you will receive an item.
  • Go to the area where there is a bar.
  • Go to the area where a ceremony takes place. (You will receive an orb from a soldier)
  • Talk to Desdemona then head to the tower.
  • Talk to the owner.
  • Depart to Jawarl.

After the Battle with Cesar

  • Talk to Desdemona.
  • Go to some facilities in Rueda and you will be able to change jobs.
  • Talk to the chemist to get alchemy items.
  • Go to the quest center so that you can partake in sidequests.
  • Talk to Desdemona.
  • Cesar becomes an ally.
  • Talk to the blacksmith.
  • Depart to Cretia.

After the Attack on Cretia

  • Talk to Cesar
  • Go to the area where you can get prizes.
  • Speak to the “subjugation reporting place”.
  • Talk to the “medal king”
  • Talk to the teacher and learn a skill.
  • Talk to “Exchange”
  • Take a quest when you talk to a soldier at the city square.
  • Take a quest when you talk to the blacksmith’s uncle.
  • Talk to Desdemona
  • Go to where the audience gathers.
  • Queen Cretia gets the “crystal of energy”.
  • Go to Magic Forest

After the journey to the Great Canyon

  • Talk to Desdemona.
  • Take a quest when speaking to the blacksmith.
  • Talk to Erinn to get the map of the Theater of the Deceased
  • Depart to Ihrim Snowfield

After the Battle in Great Valley

  • Talk to Desdemona.
  • Talk to Lazarel/Teresa
  • Talk to Desdemona.
  • Talk to Cesar.
  • Remember Gigardine when you talk to your teacher
  • Talk to Desdemona during the evening
  • Depart to the “Battle of Accordia”

After the Battle of Accordia

  • Talk to Desdemona
  • Go to the orb store and pick a blank space in the purchase list to add a quest.
  • Once you talk to the aunt to the south of the area, a quest will be taken.
  • Talk to the woman between the church and the bar in Rueda and you will receive another quest.
  • Depart to the Tower

After defeating the Twin Kings

  • Talk to Lazarel/Teresa.
  • Talk to Cesar.
  • Talk to the blacksmith.
  • Talk to Desdemona.
  • Go to Cretia.
  • Head to “The Ruins of Light” in Gaiyar.
  • Travel to “The Desert of Darkness”.

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