Fame System Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

Fame System Guide

Please note that we will be updating this guide on the Fame system regularly, so check back from time to time for more information.

How to Raise Fame

Fame can be increased through the following methods:

  • Reporting that you’ve defeated a certain enemy
  • Defeating strong enemies, usually bosses
  • Clearing a field mission
  • Clearing a side quest

Rewards for Raising Fame

Talk to the soldier seeking Fame in Zebion (c4) to receive rewards after you’ve raised fame to a certain level. Below is a list of the rewards you’ll obtain after reaching each level of fame in the game.

Fame Level Reward Effect
2 Orb of the Traveler Defense + 6
3 Chronocrystal Rare Material
4 Magical Orb Defense +81, Magic + 20
5 Bond Stone Party skill Frame + 1
6 Wild Magic Orb Defense +110, wild magic chance inreased by 3%
7 Mythical Beast Bone Rare Material
8 Champion Orb Defense +123, Blaze resistance increased by 8%
9 Molten Globules Rare Material
10 Soldier’s Ring Key Item

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