Torneko Character Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This page contains a character guide for Torneko in Dragon Quest Heroes II


Torneko is a merchant who fights with a variety of weapons that he has collected during his travels.

He is a very versatile party members due to his unique skills and fighting style.

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Ability MP Needed
Flail of Destruction: Swings a destructive sphere that smashes into everything around it. 13 MP
Dream Dagger: A series of swift slashes with a slumber-inducing knife. 11 MP
Hunter’s Bow: Produces a pair of powerful crossbows and lets loose repeatedly into the air. 7 MP
Chain Sickle / Super Chain Sickle / Über Chain Sickle: Pulls out a chain sickle and swings it in large sweeping attacks. 8 / 13 / 19 MP
Assassin’s Dagger: Brandishes a dagger followed by stabbing it into the enemy in front of the user. May instantly kill on rare occasions. 8 MP
Sage’s Stone: Restores all allies’ HP using an ancient artefact. 14 MP
Panacea Staff: Removes all debuffs on allies. 12 MP
Holy Water: Become less likely to be targeted by enemies for a while. 5 MP

Basic Combos

Combo name Button operation
Abacus Combo □ → □ → □
Belly Barge △ During Charge
Upswing □ → △
Roundabout Swing □ → □ → △
Aerial Swipe □ While airborne
Rock Bottom △ While airborne

Strongest Weapon


  • Attack Power: 160
  • Where to get: Store (230260 G)

How to make him an ally

He will join you once you reach Zebion.

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