Healstones Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a guide on Healstones in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including their uses and ways to improve them in the game.

Healstones Guide

Healstones are recovery items that can be used in the field or during combat in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. Use them by pressing the R1 button and using the directional key to recover some HP. Your stock of Healstones will be replenished during the next battle. You can increase the storage slots and effectiveness of Healstones by doing certain quests. Below is our Healstones guide on improving them in the game.

Please note that we will be updating this page when the game comes out on April 25, 2017.

Increasing Healstone Storage Slots

Number of Slots How to Unlock
3 Default
4 Complete the Quest “Aiming for Healstones Part 1” by obtaining 1 small scale from a Hackasaurus at Amal Canyon.
5 Complete the Quest “Aiming for Healstones Part 2” by obtaining 1 sparkling sapphire from a Mandrake Major at Ihrim Snowfield.

Enhancing Healstone Effects

Effect How to Unlock
Restore a moderate amount of a character’s HP Default
Fully restore a character’s HP Clear Quest 1 “いやしのチカラを求めて その1” by obtaining 1 raw healing stone from a King Slime at Rozas Forest.
Restore a moderate amount of all characters’ HP Clear Quest 2 “いやしのチカラを求めて その2” by obtaining 1 healing crystal from a Moosifer at Rao Wasteland.
Fully restore all characters’ HP Clear Quest 3 “いやしのチカラを求めて その3” by obtaining 1 healing jewel from a Missing Lynx at Meadow of Darkness.

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