Job Class Guide: Martial Artist [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/DQHII]

This page contains a job class guide for the Martial Artist in Dragon Quest Heroes II. We will be updating this as we go along.

Martial Artist

The Martial Artist class in Dragon Quest Heroes II wields either claws or rods. This job class has access to self-healing Skills and buffs to support themselves in combat. They can also prolong their high tension duration for up to 14 seconds.

In terms of Stats, they receive a generous amount of HP, moderate STR and INT. This provides them an opportunity to face even towering enemies.

*Please do bear with us. We are translating it with whatever knowledge we have. We’ll update this as soon as the game comes out.


Advanced Class

  • Gladiator

Job Skills

Skill name Effect LV SP Weapon
Satisfying Breath Temporarily increases Critical Chance 15 5 Claws
Heaven and Earth Stance ? 15 8 Rods
Power Charge Raises attack power temporarily 15 8 All Weapons
Meditation Calms body and mind restoring health 3 All Weapons

Stat Changes

Name Stat Increase
 HP +90
MP 0
STR +45
INT +20

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