Character and Location Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This is an article containing how to earn certain characters. We'll update this as soon as the game comes out.

Character and Location Guide

In Dragon Quest Heroes 2, characters can go in all sorts of places. Each character however has a specific quest to accomplish before you can unlock them. But when you do unlock the character, you have a new variety for your team fights and some of them may even be useful. For example, Kiryl is a support-class. His heals come in handy especially when you’re facing a horde of creatures. Each of these characters have their own sets of skills which can definitely aid you in combat. However, not all of them may fit your playing style. Best you check how their attacks work before adding them in your party.

So, if you check out below, here is our guide! Click on the names to figure out their stats and playing style!

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List of Characters

Name How To Earn Them
Razel  You get them at the start of the game after dealing with Zebion.
Ornese   Earn them after defeating the Zebion Lieutenant.
Maribel  After finishing the Battle of Jaiwarl, you’ll be able to unlock all these three.
Terry When you reach the end of the Magical Forest, these two will appear as a boss fight. Defeat them and you earn their loyalty.
Meena These two are sisters and after clearing the Cretia dungeon, you should have both.
Jessica Complete the Sacred Mountain Quests.
Alena Complete the “Rescue the Queen!” quest when you revisit the Grand Canyon.

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