Key Items List [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains a guide for the key items. We'll update this eventually.

Key Items

Every game has a set of key items that will help you through the game. If you miss one then, you may have a problem in the long run. However to very well deal with this, sometimes it’s best to back-track. The good news however for Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is that the field seems pretty open and backtracking won’t be hard. Unless you’re lazy to make your character walk all the way back then, grabbing back those key items shouldn’t be a problem.

But there’s no need to fear. Here, there’s a guide for you to check out where your items can be found.

List of Key Items

This is a direct translation off the Japanese game and we’re not sure if this is the official English name. If you find the direct translation, please leave a comment below.

Name Description How To Obtain
Healing Stone A stone that has strange healing powers.
King’s Stone The stone that bears the mark of a King.
Monster Coin Case A tool that allows you to keep Monster Coins.
Entry Permit Allows you to enter the city of Jaiwarl
Vitality Crystal The gem dedicated to protecting Cretia. It carries the life and magic of all of Cretia.
Spirit Stone This gem once belonged to Daral and contains his power.
Glimmering Light An ancient jewel containing a powerful light within.
Majestic Stone A stone that’s imbued with a strange power.
Lockpick Convenient tool that unlocks doors and treasure chests Stealth Mission Cleared
Warrior’s Ring A mark of one’s reputation as a warrior Reputation Lv10
Merchant List A carefully written lists of merchants all across the land. Story(Disappears soon after)
Divine Treasure A treasure that sleeps in the base of the castle. One must complete the ordeals before receiving the blessings of the gods. Story(Disappears soon after)
Mysterious Small Box A box with mysterious powers said to seal even the most legendary weapons. Story(Disappears soon after)
Meotowo A fish available only in Orenka. Anyone who eats it will be forever happy. Quest 41: Lucky Box Letter 2
Spirit Branch A tree branch that appears only in the Magical Forest. Quest 44: Carver’s Carpentry Job 2

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