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This page contains an alphabetical directory on Champion Guides in League of Legends (LoL). Click on a Champion to go to its Champion Guide page containing information on updated stats, skills and abilities, Runes, Masteries and Item Builds, and Roles and Strategy.

Champion Guides Directory


Aatrox Ahri Akali
Alistar Amumu Anivia
Annie Ashe Aurelion Sol


Bard Blitzcrank Brand


Caitlyn Camille Cassiopeia
Cho’Gath Corki


Darius Diana Dr. Mundo


Ekko Elise Evelynn


Fiddlesticks Fiora Fizz


Galio Gangplank Garen
Gnar Gragas Graves


Hecarim Heimerding


Illaoi Irelia Ivern


Janna Jarvan IV Jax
Jayce Jhin Jinx


Kalista Kassadin Katarina
Kayle Kennen Kha’Zix
Kindred Kled Kog’Maw
Kayn Karthus Karma


LeBlanc Lee Sin Leona
Lissandra Lucian Lulu


Malphite Malhazar Maokai
Master Yi Miss Fortune Morderkaiser


Nami Nautilus Nidalee
Nocturne Nunu  Nasus


Olaf Orianna


Pantheon Poppy




Rakan Rammus Rek’Sai
Renekton Rengar Riven
Rumble Ryze


Sejuani Shaco Shen
Shyvana Singed Siod
Sivir Skarner Sona
Soraka Swain Syndra


Tahm Kench Taliyah Talon
Taric Teemo Thresh
Tristana Trundle Tryndamere
Twisted Fate Twitch


Udyr Urgot


Varus Vayne Veigar
Vel’Koz Vi Viktor
Vladimir Volibear


Warwick Wukong


Xayah Xerath Xin Zhao


Yasuo Yorick


Zac Zed Ziggs
Zilean Zyra

Champion Descriptions



Aatrox’s skillset deals heavy damage and high lifesteal. His hyper-aggressive gameplay is complimented by his high mobility and survivability. He excels in pushing lanes, ganking and during teamfights, can reach high-priority, out-of-reach targets


Ahri is one of the rare mobile mages in the game. Her skillset provides burst combos capable of deleting enemy champions in seconds. Her Charm works just like Blitzcrank’s or Thresh’s Hooks. Her passive also allows her to gain giving her higher sustain in the game


akali champion

Akali is an assassin specializing in dealing damage on the backline. Just like most assassins, Akali’s role is to take down squishy targets like the team’s ADC or mage.


Alistar is one of the best support champions in the game. His skillset provides numerous hard Crowd Controls. For a guide on how to be a support champion, click here.


The sad mummy is a very good friend to have as a Jungler. His skillset provides sustained damage and deals sustained AoE damage enough to turn a team fight to your advantage


Anivia is a skill-based champion that can freeze any lane. In teamfights, Anivia can effectively zone, stun and slow enemy champions


Annie is well known for her burst damage and AoE stuns that can prove to be a game changer in team fights. She is usually recommended if players want to play mid as her gameplay is easy enough to understand for beginners


ashe champion

Ashe is the first champion you will ever play. This Frost Archer acts as an AD Carry that can dish out heavy damage to any enemy champion in her range. Her simple playstyle makes her the beginner champ everyone will get to use

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol is mostly known for his Passive Skill Center of the Universe which enables star to orbit around him, dealing damage for each time. Aurelion Sol specializes in dealing AoE damage from behind the clash, safe from enemies who want to target squishy champs like him



The Emperor of the Sands specializes in harassing with his Sand Soldiers. His Disc of the Sun tower also acts as an extra turret and can be an offensive tool by forcing team fights near the Disc



Bard’s Tempered Fate totally changes the way of a team fight. For a few seconds, units hit by this skill is stuck on stasis unable to do anything. This support champ also provides mobility and sustain to his AD Carries



Blitzcrank’s main use is to hook AD Carries or squishy champions in the backline and bring them to the front enabling them to be in-range of your allies. His hook and silence can prove very dangerous especially in the laning phase



Brand has one of the best skillsets to scramble enemy team formations. His Pyroclasm deals the maximum amount of damage when enemies are bunched up together.



Braum is an exceptionally defensive support tank that shields AD Carries and other squishy targets from damage. His Unbreakable fully blocks the damage of auto attacks and some skills



Caitlyn’s an AD Carry that can dish out heavy damage while harassing enemy champions with her skillset. Being fairly immobile, she, like most AD Carries, need a support. However, unlike most AD Carries, she has a skill that can get her out of tight situations (90 Caliber Net)


Camille Banner

Camille jumps from wall to wall and delivers a stun to the nearest enemy champion. Just like most assassins, her gameplay is to execute single champions 1v1



Cassiopeia’s skillset is focused on bursting down her enemy champions just like most mages. She can also deal an AoE stun with Petrifying Gaze. Cassiopeia is good to have during a teamfight as her skillset allows her to deal AoE damage and slows



Cho’Gath excels in dealing a massive AoE Crowd Control. Cho’Gath could also take down high-priority target with Feast without getting burst down. He can also silence champions which gives Cho’Gath time to reach the backline champions



Corki is one of the rare skill-based AD Carry in the game. His skillset allows Corki to deal constant damage against opposing champions while taking down entire minion waves


Darius Banner

Darius is a champion that has one of the best skillsets for a Pentakill. His Ultimate Skill Noxian Guillotine refreshes its cooldown every time he kills a champ so in theory, he can jump over from champion to champion, effectively dealing a killing blow to each


Diana excels at taking down single targets, dueling and initiating team fights. Her Ultimate Skill Lunar Rush is good for gap-closing a fleeing enemy. Just make sure they have the Moonlight debuff

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is known for having one of the highest health regen in the game due to his passive Adrenaline Rush.  The strategy for Dr. Mundo is baiting opponents while he is at low health and when they attack, activate his Sadism to drastically increase health and movement speed


Draven Banner

Draven’s skillset and damage output relies heavily on his Spinning Axes. This champion’s gameplay is more complicated than others as his skills relies on great positioning and timing. However, once mastered, Draven can deal continuous, heavy damage that will give any team a headache


Ekko the Boy who Shattered Time is a champion known for his Ultimate Skill Chronobreak where he turns back time. This allows him to be where he was 4 seconds ago and healing a portion of his health. Additionally, this also deals AoE damage to champions who are in his Chronobreak range


Elise is exceptional in locking down and eliminating single targets. Her Crowd Control can easily ensure a successful gank. During the laning phase, Elise can quickly clear a minion wave with her skill set while harassing her opponent


Evelynn Banner

Evelynn’s gameplay relies on stealth due to her passive Shadow Walk which makes her invisible for as long as she is not near enemy champions. Her skillset allows her to be a very effective jungler, ganking lanes and invading enemy jungle camp


Ezreal is a skill-based champion that can go either Mid or Bot lane. Unlike most Mid or Bot lane champions, Ezreal is highly mobile and has an escaping mechanism that can let him play aggressively


Fiddlesticks’ life stealing skills provides high sustain while he roams around the jungle. His silence also proves very useful especially during clashes. Silencing skill-based champions is crucial during clashes as it drastically decreases the damage a champion can deal


Fiora is a skilled duelist, melee champion who excels at quick trades and engaging. Her passive skill Duelist’s Dance allows her to hit enemy champions with bonus damage.


Fizz banner

Fizz has one of the strongest burst damage in the game. He can move through units and reach enemy champions immediately. His skillset gives him an engage, disengage and even an AoE skill damage that can prove crucial during clashes and teamfights


Galio is a tanky champion that can deal heavy damage while still absorbing most of the damage dealt by enemy champions. Galio’s Ultimate can also gap-close fleeing, low HP champions


Gangplank’s Ultimate Skill Cannon Barrage has Global Range and deals heavy damage in a large area. It can easily snipe down low health enemies. Gangplank’s skillset also allows him an easy minion wave clear


The Might of Demacia is one of the strongest tankers in the game as he can also deal heavy damage without having to think energy or mana. He also has a high sustain care of his passive skill Perseverance which restores health for every second he is not hit by enemy champions



Gnar can transform into Mega Gnar. During the laning phase, it is better to use Gnar’s regular skillset. However, during clashes, his Mega Gnar mode can prove very dangerous especially against the enemy’s weaker damage dealers


Gragas’ skillset is focused on disrupting and displacing enemy champions. Gragas is relatively tanky and as such, heads the frontline during team fights. He is also mobile and can dash to any ally in danger



Graves can deal massive AoE damage if you can use your abilities freely. He requires great positioning but when positioned perfectly, can bring down low HP enemies. His Smokescreen also proves crucial during teamfights


hecarim banner

Most of Hecarim’s damage is based on his movement speed. His skillset is focused on surprise attacks and gapclosing. He can also pass through units and walls while disrupting enemy formations



Heimerdinger’s Evolution Turrets provide Heimerdinger extra damage and range. His harass and minion wave clear is near OP and laning against him can prove to be a nightmare



Illaoi is known for her tentacles which can deal heavy damage while also warding bushes. Illaoi’s Test of Spirit acts like a hook where Illaoi can damage the enemy champion without going near them. Her Leap of Faith also deals a massive AoE damage


irelia banner

Irelia can cover great distances by targeting low life units to reach any enemy champions. Irelia can also win clashes even with higher HP enemies with her Equilibrium Strike. Irelia’s Ultimate Skill Transcendent Blades also heals Irelia for a part of the damage she deals


Ivern banner

Ivern is known for his peaceful jungling. His passive allows him to farm jungle monsters without getting hurt or hurting them. Ivern can also share the buffs he gets from the Red Brambleback or the Blue Sentinel to his allies. Ivern also creates bushes that hides allies while limiting enemy vision



Janna’s main offensive ability is her Howling Gale which summons a whirlwind and knocks up enemies. Her skillset is more defensive than offensive. She can protect high-priority targets from enemy champions so they can survive more

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV can engage and disengage while providing good Crowd Control. Jarvan IV can also lock in champions inside a small areas. This can effectively isolate high-priority enemy champions to ensure a quick death


Jax banner

Jax is a champion that excels in prolonged battles. His late game is amazingly OP and excels in shredding down enemy champions. He is great in 1v1 situations and tanky enough to split push quickly


jayceJayce has incredibly powerful poke and strong lane presence. Jayce has 6 skills instead of 4 which creates more combos that he can use. He has high range and can harass any champion he’s up against with



Jhin is an AD Carry with incredible range and harass. His base damage is really high and can match up to other AD Carries even without items. Unfortunately, he is highly immobile



Jinx is one of the AD Carries that’s easy to master. Her skillset is simple enough to understand yet can be devastate any enemy team. Her passive skill Get Excited! makes Jinx a good kiter. HEr attack speed is also one of the highest in game due to her Switcheroo


Kalista banner

Unlike most AD Carries, Kalista is very mobile and thus could evade a lot of skillshots while kiting enemies. Her skillset, however, requires constant communication with her support but if it works can win a lot of clashes. She can also stack spears on an enemy before ripping it off for maximum damage


Karma is usually a support champion with great poke and mobility. Although a support champion, Karma can still dish out heavy damage to control the lane even without her AD Carry. Karma can play both defensive and offensively which makes her a good choice for a support


Karthus is mostly known for his skillset that allows him to deal a massive amount of AoE damage. He can also still use his skills while he’s dead for 7 seconds, rendering him useful in clashes even when dead



Kassadin’s Ultimate Skill Riftwalk has incredibly low cooldown which he can use both offensively or defensively. He can also use this to cover great distances which most champions can’t keep up with. He is also known as the anti-mage and  counters most mage champions in the game



Katarina is one of the strongest assassins in the game. She has no mana, has high mobility and a couple of gap-closing/fleeing enemies making her hard to catch or escape from. Katarina also has lots of AoE Damage and is very aggressive during the laning phase.



Kayle’s Ultimate Skill Intervention is arguably one of the best skills in the game so far. Kayle bathes herself or an ally in holy light, rendering them immortal for 2-3 seconds. Her other skills also makes Kayle one of the most versatile champions in the game


Kennen’s skillset allows him to harass and clear minion waves easily giving him the clear advantage during the laning phase. He also has a stun ensuring a quick burstdown in a champion. His Ultimate Skill Slicing Maelstrom deals massive AoE damage and has the potential to stun all enemies in range


kha'zix banner

Kha’Zix’s gameplay depends mostly on his stealth and Isolated, his passive skill. His skillset is focused on surprising and engaging enemies. His strategy is to enter from behind after the clash has started to snipe down low health enemies. Kha’Zix also has a good disengage as he is particularly squishy


Kindred icon

Kindred’s Ultimate Skill Lamb Respite  is a complicated skill that requires great positioning and timing. However, once used right, Kindred can save the entire team from dying. His passive skill also stacks permanent Attack Damage


Kled Banner

Kled is a close range fighter who excels at dueling and engaging. His playstyle allows him to be aggressive especially when he’s mounted. Kled gains a burst of helth when he mounts Skaarl. Kled also becomes untargetable when dismounting, which he can use to save himself from being bursted down


Kog'maw banner

Kog’Maw is a skill-based AD Carry champion that can outrange most champions. Even when dead, Kog’Maw is still able to damage enemy champions with his Icathian Surprise. Kog’Maw can also snipe down fleeing, low HP enemies with his Ultimate Skill Living Artillery



LeBlanc is a tough champion to defeat. Her skillset allows her to be aggressive as she can disengage easily with Mimic and Distortion. She can easily burst down immobile champions and laning against her could be a nightmare if you can’t counter her

Lee Sin

lee sin

Lee Sin has a good burst that works well as he uses Energy instead of Mana. He can deal damage while shielding allies. He is very mobile and can dash to an ally or an enemy for support or damage


Leona’s a hard CC support making her crucial in clashes. Leona also works as a tanker which gives her an edge against squishy support champions as she can engage while also acting as the front liner of the team


Lissandra’s skillset allows her to zone and harass her enemy effectively while maintaining great distance. During teamfights, she usually starts the clash. Her Ultimate Skill isolates a high priority target ensuring a disadvantage to the other team. Consequently, she can also use it on herself to guard and heal her once she reaches low HP


Lucian is an AD Carry with a very strong burst as he relies more on attack damage than attack speed. Unlike most champions, Lucian is strong early, mid and late game. His passive skill Lightslinger sets him apart from other AD Carries as his damage basically doubles for 3 seconds


Lulu is known for her polymorph skill which transforms an enemy champion into an animal which acts as both a slow and a silence for 2.5-3 seconds. Her Ultimate Skill also proves useful in saving any ally in danger


Lux’s zoning capabilities distinguishes her from normal mage champions. She can constantly harass while taking down minion waves. Her passive also adds damage to her auto-attacks when an enemy champ has been hit by any of her skills. Lux has high base damage and range, hindered only by high cooldowns


Malphite is known for being a tanker who soaks up most of the damage while also initiating teamfights. His Ultimate Skill disrupts team formations and sets up enemy champions for others to kill


Malzahar is superior to other mages in utility, versatility and objective control. What he lacks in damage, he makes up for in his use in teamfights and clashes. Malzahar is known for his Voidlings that does the most of his damage


Maokai works as both a Jungler or Support. He is relatively tanky while also able to deal damage with his skills. He is known for his roots ensuring a quick kill for his AD Carry. During team fights, Maokai’s Ultimate Skill has wide range and can root most if not all enemies in sight.

Master Yi

The most distinguishable skill of Master Yi is Alpha Strike which is an AoE attack that deals heavy damage on all units affected while also rendering Master Yi untargetable. His DPS is insanely high and he excels on fast ganks and tower-dives to assassinate targets. He can afford to be aggressive as he has a couple of escaping abilities

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune excels in the laning phase. She can poke extremely well while also being able to dish out burst damage with her skills. She is one of the rare AD Carries with high mobility and most of her skills are AoE making her a crucial piece during team fights


Mordekaiser is reliant on items to deal damage. However, once he claims his build, he deals OP burst damage. He thrives during clashes as he can deal AoE damage while targeting or sniping down high priority targets (AD Carries or Mages)


Morgana is so-far one of the best support champions in-game. Her first skill snares a champion for a relatively long time, ensuring a quick burst. Morgana’s third skill is the only shield in the game which makes any unit immune to any spells or Crowd Controls while also reducing incoming magic damage. Her Ultimate Skill also deals an AoE stun aside from a respectable amount of damage. She can also hold her own out in the laning phase as a Mid-laner


Nami Banner

Nami’s skillset suits her well as a support. She has a shield, engage, AoE Crowd Control and a heal. This set makes her one of the best options for support champions. However, she is squishy and can be burst down easily


Nasus stacks permanent Attack Damage. Because of this, Nasus can focus on other items first before buying Attack Damage items. Nasus’ strength also relies heavily on his extra Attack damage which gives him an advantage over any other AD dealer. His Ultimate Skill also elevates Nasus to a godlike mode where he is at clear advantage to most champions 1v1


Nautilus acts as a good front liner during clashes. His hook also poses a threat on high-priority targets like AD Carries or Mages. His skillset also provides hard CC which disrupts team formation and win clashes



Nidalee’s playstyle is focused on her versatility. She can toggle between her human and cougar form providing her different skillsets. She has good sustain and strong poke that allows an aggressive playstyle. She can roam excellently and provide ganks on allies


nocturne banner

Nocturne is an assassin jungler with high clear speed. He can effectively 1v1 most champions and excels at ganks once he reaches lvl 6. Nocturne’s skillset allows him to dive and kill high priority targets


Nunu is considered a lane bully with her skillset that can constantly harass and provide hard CC against enemy champions. His sustain also allows him to stay in lane longer than most champions. His Ultimate Skill deals massive AoE Damage that destroys enemy formation and force them to scramble away making it easier to isolate high priority targets


The lower Olaf’s life is, the stronger he gets. This can be deceptively fun to use against enemies as they will try to snipe you down while you retaliate with your own damage. The bonus healing you get also increases the chances of you surviving against any champion you’re against


Orianna’s Ultimate Skill is a complete game changer. It pulls all enemy champions in-range into a single spot, making it easy for her teammates to aim and deal damage. In-game, she acts as both the shielder and the champion that initiates the team fights


Pantheon’s skillset can be used for different uses. He can initiate teamfights or go in the backline to target AD Carries or mages. His Heartseeker Strike and Grand Skyfall can deal devastating damage on enemy champions. Pantheon also has the highest base movement speed at 355


Poppy has a strong laning phase. She is the tank of the group which is amplified by a bonus shield she gains from her Passive Skill. Poppy’s Keeper’s Verdict can make a 5v5 clash into a 4v5 by sending an enemy champion back to the fountain which puts the enemy team into a disadvantage


Quinn’s roaming abilities is one of the top in the game. He can cross the entire map in half the time any other champion takes. Quinn deals a good burst and unlike most AD Carries, can solo a lane. Her Ultimate Skill allows Quinn to gank any lane she wants due to her mobility


Rakan is one of the best champions in engaging. He is a highly mobile tank which provides a lot of Crowd Control and peel for the team. He also has an AoE knockup to disrupt team formations. It should be noted that Rakan pairs well with his lover Xayah




























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