PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - Check it out: A Fresh, New, Look at the Foggy Weather Effect!

In this article, we talk about the latest images released by Bluehole regarding the brand-new foggy weather effect update for this September.

A Better Look at the Foggy Weather Effect

Last September 7, PUBG’s official twitter account announced that the new build will include a new weaponfoggy weather, FPP leaderboards and other varius bug fixes. This update will be up for release next week.

Just eleven hours ago, Play Battlegrounds posted another tweet that you can read below:

Need a better look? Here are the foggy screenshots:

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This is a better view of PUBG’s new system, to the point that it seems that it’s a lot foggier than what we previously saw. In image #3 and image #4, nearly all of your line of sight is engulfed in fog–which will make it all the more difficult while traversing fields and towns–for you and for your enemy. There’s a lot more visual cover, which means that, barring a change in ambient noise, you’ll have to listen very, very carefully. I’m kinda itching to play this map. In fact, I’ll have to play the game when this build comes out!

In other news, there will be a new update for September. Patch notes can be found here. In the patch notes, the team addresses VaultingIdle Players earning BPs, and adding FPP servers for DUO on OCE servers. The patch itself includes the above foggy weather, improved performance on low-end PCs, and the tommy gun has been removed from Air Drops and now has become a world spawn, allowing for new attachments like, the silencer, vertical foregrip, and magazines.

This is very interesting because in spite of the recent announcement of changing patch rollouts, we are still getting an update in September. Maybe Bluehole will faithfully release monthly updates monthly, or is this just a providential coincidence? We’ll have to find out.

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