PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - New Kameshki Town Info!

The recent PUBG update features Kameshki town info, and an updated Stalber, among other additions. We will give you a sneak peek into these towns.

Kameshki town is the newest addition to Erangel’s locations in Playerunknown’s battlegrounds. Here are the details.

Information on Kameshki Town East of Stalber

Yesterday we talked about the September update and the significant changes it contains.

One of these changes is a new addition to Erangel, a town east of Stalber called Kameshki. As of 17hours ago, a redditor claims that the town is “murder central” on the testing servers.

Fun fact: according to a reddit user, the name “Kameshki” is “pebbles” in Russian.

Here’s a picture of the town on the map:

Source: Reddit

You could also see a lot of scattered buildings all around Stalber. These are minute (but significant) additions to the old build.

Reddit user rookie-mistake also took pictures of the new town, looking down from a hill:

Source: rookie-mistake

It seems like a normal little town, with residential houses–just like every other town in Erangel. However, this one has some electric lights.

Stalber also got a nice update. This is from another reddit post:

stalber new
Source: nossr50

In the previous build, you can see that both Stalber and what would be Kameshki town are nothing but ruins and random buildings. However, with the new update, Stalber has far more buildings and housing in its area. Additions to Stalber include a small, fenced, military compound, with a radon dome as well as guard towers. You can find a sniper tower to the north. (Source)

Other new things included in the patch include a Mini-14, a new designated marksman rifle chambered for 5.56mm. While it isn’t as powerful as other DMRs or sniper rifles, the gun compensates due to its high muzzle velocity and low bullet drop. Meanwhile, crossbows can be reloaded 35% more than in the old build, and tommy guns can be found on Erangel now, along with its accessories.

What do you think of this new Kameshki town? Will it be profitable for the player to go there, or will it just be another boring old hang out? Comment below and let us know!

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