PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - Here’s what’s new in Battlegrounds in the September Update Patch Notes!

In this article, we will talk about the new content in PUBG in the September Update Patch Notes written by HARUSOL on Steam.

September Update Patch Notes

mini-14 september updateYesterday, in a tweet by Bluehole, they announced that the patch notes were to be released by today, September 12. The tweet also sought to hype up all the people by showing off the new foggy weather effect (more on this here).

HARUSOL posted the Early Access – September update patch notes today, which you can find here.

Harusol addresses a few important topics before delving into the September update patch notes.

  • Vaulting will be tested for a longer period of time in early November, and if needed the mechanic may be rolled out on test servers even before that month. Devs will have to work on that feature internally. Harusol asks us to stay tuned for an update on testing schedules for vaulting.
  • The team will implement rules preventing Idle players from earning BPs.
  • First Person Only Servers for OCE servers have been recently added, but SOLO and SQUAD data will have to be monitored first.
  • Test Servers will be up at Tuesday (Evening – KST, Morning – CEST, Early Morning – PDT)
  • Live server update will be held this week, but is to be determined.  

Significant Patch Notes

Here we’ll only talk about the significant additions to the September update patch, since there are a lot of improvements:

World Improvements  

  • Foggy weather – This new weather effect will hinder player sight on the map, but it has a low probability of occurring, apart from live testing.
  • A new town has been added East of Stalber. We will talk about this more in a new article in the future.


  • You can now change crosshair colors!
  • You can now use the “-” key to use Consumables. 


  • Mini-14 was added in this patch, a lightweight 5.56 DMR. It’s similar to the other designated marksman rifle, in that it uses many attachments that are used by sniper rifles. It has lower damage stats, but compensates with very high muzzle velocity and the low bullet drop.


  • Characters shot and knocked out in the water will have a breath gauge and might possibly drown themselves to death.
  • Adjusted the balance of several weapons:
    • Crossbows can be reloaded 35% faster than before. 
    • Tommy guns can be found in the world now, and can be fitted with a foregrip, silencer, or magazines.
  • You can now holster grenades. Simply take out your gun or unarm yourself to holster the grenade, provided you did not cook them. 
  • Firing mode will be more consistent now. If you pick up a SMG change the firing mode to BURST, and drop it, you can pick it up in BURST firing mode again. 

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