Tales of Arise - Camping Guide

Overview and guide about Camping in Tales of Arise, including its features and benefits to your party while playing the main story.

Tales of Arise - Camping Guide

Guide on Camping in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise - Camping Guide

Camping is a party feature in Tales of Arise. It gives your party an opportunity to rest while exploring the open world of the game. Both HP and CP (Cure Points) will be replenished once you take a rest. There also other activities that you can do with your party members such as cooking and watching skits and cutscenes.

How to Find a Campsite

Tales of Arise - Campsite

In order to start camping, you need to find a campsite in a particular field or location in the game. There is a campfire marker that will help you spot the campsite.

Tales of Arise - Traslida Highway Campsite Map

Once you found the campsite, it will be marked on your map. You can use the campsite feature as many as you like.

Camping Features

Here are the main features of camping in the game:

Taking a Rest

Tales of Arise - Camping Rest

When you decide to rest, HP and CP will be recovered in full.  You can also check the status and equipment of your party members while in camping mode.

Cooking Guide

Tales of Arise - Cooking Recipe List

Additionally, you have the option to cook meals or dishes using the cooking recipes you have. Take note that you need to have cooking materials or ingredients as well. Browse your recipes and decide for the meal effects you want to have your party enabled while exploring.

Cooking Recipe List

Watching Skits

Tales of Arise - Camping Reminisce Watch Skits

Another feature is watching skits. You can watch skipped cutscenes while exploring and watch new ones while camping.

Tales of Arise - Camping Reminisce Replay Skits

You can also rewatch previously unlocked skits during camping as well.

Skit Guide and List of Skits

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