Tales of Arise - How to Unlock Chaos Difficulty

A guide on how to unlock Chaos difficulty mode in Tales of Arise, including required items to obtain to make it available in the game.

Tales of Arise - How to Unlock Chaos Difficulty

How to Unlock Chaos Difficulty

Obtain the Devil Sculpture from Viscint Training Grounds (Menancia)

Tales of Arise - How to Unlock Chaos Difficulty

Chaos mode is unlocked by getting the Devil Sculpture artifact which is rewarded for beating the level 60 Dohalim Solo Ultimate Challenge (Viscint Training Grounds in Menancia realm). As the hardest difficulty in the game, Chaos mode the highest is recommended for players looking for a real challenge when Hard mode has become too easy.

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Devil Sculpture Reference

Tales of Arise - Devil Sculpture

The Devil Sculpture artifact is an obvious tribute to Devil Jin, a character from Bandai Namco’s Tekken series of fighting games. The artifact’s description even gives reference to one of the character’s signature moves.

In-game Description

A sinister sculpture one would dare not even touch. The bottom of its foot bears the words “Beware of forehead beam.”

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