Tales of Arise - The Wedge Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for The Wedge in Tales of Arise. Included are all main story quest objectives, sub quests, obtainable items (weapons, armor, accessories, materials), item locations, enemies and bosses encountered, area maps, and an in-depth guide to clear the story section.

Tales of Arise - The Wedge Walkthrough

The Wedge Walkthrough

Tales of Arise - The Wedge Walkthrough

This is the main story walkthrough and strategy guide for The Wedge in Tales of Arise. Included also are lists of playable characters, obtainable items and collectibles, and normal and boss enemies.


Here are the playable characters in this walkthrough:

Character Availability
Tales of Arise - Alphen Character IconAlphen All Locations
Tales of Arise - Shionne Character IconShionne All Locations
Tales of Arise - Rinwell Character IconRinwell All Locations
Tales of Arise - Law Character IconLaw All Locations
Tales of Arise - Kisara Character IconKisara All Locations
Tales of Arise - Dohalim il Qaras Character IconDohalim All Locations

All Characters

Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items obtainable in this walkthrough:

Item Location
Curse Charm x1 The Wedge Spiral 1
Large Demihuman Talon x1 The Wedge Spiral 1
Stamina Ring x1 The Wedge Spiral 3 Conduit
Revival Ring x1 The Wedge Spiral 3 Conduit
Kingly Armor x1 The Wedge Spiral 3 Central Level
Bloody Coat x1 The Wedge Spiral 4 Conduit
Spirit Bangle x1 The Wedge Spiral 4 Conduit

Boss Enemies

Here is a list of boss enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Boss Level Type Location
Eljarania 41 The Wedge Spiral 4 Central Core

All Zeugles

The Wedge Walkthrough

Please note that this walkthrough is still undergoing updates.

The Wedge

1 Travel to the Hidden Wharf in Mahag Saar and talk to the boat captain to reach The Wedge.
2 You will begin at Spiral 1. After watching the cutscene, move left and go up the ladder. Open the chest there to get Curse Charm x1.
3 From the entrance of the area, head right and open the chest to get Large Demihuman Talon x1.
4 Head along the stairs and go up the ladder to Spiral 2 Central Level.
5 Defeat the enemies along the way. Afterwards, head for the west door up the ladder to reach Spiral 3 Conduit.
6 At Spiral 3 Conduit, walk a short ways back to find a room with a barrier blocking it. Destroy the barrier using Alphen’s ability and go inside to get Stamina Ring x1 inside a chest.
7 Exit the room. Then, continue to work your way around the conduit until you find a room to the left with tentacle-like organs blocking it. Destroy them using Alphen and go inside. Open the chest to get Revival Ring x1.
8 Leave the room and enter the next room on your right. Open the chest there to get Elixir. Afterwards, head to the room on the left for another chest with 16750 gald.
9 Go out of the room and activate the teleporter, allowing you to use it if you need to head back to Spiral 1.
10 Exit through the door to the east to reach Spiral 3 Lower Layer.
11 At Spiral 3 Lower Layer, follow the winding path to the ladder to Spiral 3 Central Level.
12 Turn left and pick up Pineapple Gel x1. Then, move forward to find a chest with Kingly Armor x1.
13 Move back a little ways to a ladder and climb up to reach Spiral 3 Upper Level. Enter the door to reach Spiral 4 Conduit.
14 Go inside the room blocked by tentacles to your left using Alphen’s special ability. Inside the room is a chest with Bloody Coat x1.
15 Leave the room and head to the next room still on your left and pick up Orange Gel x1.
16 Move forward to the last room on your right just before the exit and destroy the tentacles again. Go inside to find a chest with Spirit Bangle x1.
17 Leave the room and exit through the door to reach Spiral 4 Lower Level.
18 Move forward and climb the ladder to Spiral 4 Central Level. Take out the enemies along the way and look to the left of the next ladder to find Lemon Gel x1.
19 Go up the next ladder to Spiral 4 Upper Level. Defeat Armatus Bos and Armatus Equus.
20 After defeating the enemies, go up the ladder ahead to Spiral 4 Central Core.
21 Use the healing light to fully restore the party’s HP.
22 Move forward to the door and watch the cutscene. Afterwards, prepare to battle Eljarania.
23 Equipment that grants you poison resistance will be very useful against Eljarania.

Focus on attacking the weakpoints on Eljarania’s feelers. The boss is weak to the wind and water, making Rinwell particularly effective against the boss.

Watch the color of the floor when fighting Eljarania as this will indicate where the boss’ attacks will hit. When the ground turns green, be ready to run away or dodge at the right moment.

The boss will also summon Roper enemies in the middle of the fight. Ignore them and focus on attacking the feelers instead.

24 Watch the cutscene.
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Item Locations

Below are the in-game locations of the obtainable items in this walkthrough:

Coming soon.

Owl Locations

There are no owls found in this section of the walkthrough.

All Owl Locations and Rewards

Explored Locations

Coming soon.

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