Tales of Arise - Perfect Dodges and Counter Edges Guide

A guide on everything you need to know about Perfect Dodges and Counter Edges. Included are basic information on dodging, ways on how to dodge, what to do, and many more.

Tales of Arise - Perfect Dodges and Counter Edges Guide

Guide on How to Perfect Dodge and Counter Edge

Tales of Arise Perfect Dodge

Difference of Normal Dodging and Perfect Dodging

When you’re in battle, you may use the R2 or RT button on your character to do a normal dodge. If you want to control the direction your character rolls in, you may move the left stick in any direction you want.

While Perfect Dodge is performed when your character dodges an opponent attack just before it strikes your character. It is also performed inside a short dodge window, therefore hitting the R2 or RT button too soon or too late will result in either your character being struck or simply triggering a regular dodge. However, when you press the R2 or RT button at the right timing, your character will light a blue flash, indicating that you have successfully executed a perfect dodge.

Performing Perfect Dodges on a consistent basis will allow your character to enter Over Limit Mode, which grants you access to the strong Mystic Artes and other abilities.

Dohalim’s Rod Extension

After performing a Perfect Dodge, his rod weapon becomes more powerful, increasing his attack range and chances to land critical hits.

Guarding and Countering Edges

Having Kisara in your party is a huge advantage when defeating difficult enemies, as she has a big shield as her weapon which you can make use of her for defense and good for taking up some damage. It is also important to know that Kisara has a special boost attack that instantly stops any upcoming attacks. You may also perform a dodge or blocking with Kisara. A new feature on the Tales Series battle system has been added in Tales of Arise. In the instance that Kisara completes a Perfect Dodge or Perfect Guard successfully, hit the basic attack button to perform a Counter Edge.

Counter Edge is just simply dodging an enemies attack and performing a counter attack into the enemy. It is also linked with successfully performing a Perfect Dodge or Perfect Guard. There is also an achievement related to performing these battle actions.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Diligent Counterattacker PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Perform 100 Counter Edges. Make your enemies fear every missed blow with these retaliations.

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