Tales of Arise - How to Heal

A guide on How to Heal in Tales of Arise. Included are basic information on Artes, ways how to heal, automatic and manual healing.

Tales of Arise - How to Heals

How to Heal

Manual Healing

Using Healing Items

It is possible to utilize healing items both in and out of battle. This may be accomplished by navigating to the Items Menu and choosing an item that will restore the health of a single character or the whole party to full health.

It is necessary to wait a brief amount of time after using recovery items in battle before using them again. It is essential to manage your items and cooldowns carefully, since the cooldown stops you from utilizing things to heal party members one after another.

Use CP (Cure Points) to Heal

Tales of Arise - All Six Characters

Healing Artes that have been assigned to an action button may be utilized during battle to replenish the health of your team. Shionne and Dohalim, for example, are the main healers who may use their healing artes to heal other members of the group. Cure Points (CP) are utilized by Shionne and Dohalim to offer individual or party-wide healing, which enables the HP gauge to gradually recover over time at the expense of Cure Points (CP).

Outside of battle, CP may also be used to heal the whole party by clicking the Recovery button in the Menu while in the Field.

Resting at Camps or Inns

While out in the field, taking a break at a camp or an inn will completely restore your party’s health. Simply locate a campfire while out in the wild and interact with it – selecting the Rest option will allow you to resupply your health and CP.

Automatic Healing

Focus on Healing Party Strategy

Tales of Arise - Party Strategy List

During battle, non-controlled party members may utilize their Artes to heal the group or individuals in need.

When the Strategy is set to Focus on Healing, party members will use Artes more often to heal each other. When CP runs out, they utilize objects to regain HP.

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