Tales of Arise - How to Get High Battle Scores

A guide on how to get high battle scores in Tales of Arise. Included are basic information on battle score, benefits of getting high battle scores, and best tips to increase battle scores.

Tales of Arise - How to Get High Battle Scores

How to Get a High Battle Score

What is Battle Score?

Tales of Arise - Battle Score

At the end of each battle, your party will accumulate a battle score based on your overall performance. This value can be seen at left side of the side screen under the Results window once all enemies have been defeated.

Benefits of Getting a High Battle Score

Increases SP Obtained in Battle

Getting a high battles score increases the amount of skill points (SP) obtained after combat. Accumulating as much SP as possible is essential for unlocking powerful skills, techniques, artes, and stat boosts on each character’s title skill panel so taking the time to farm SP is important.

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Raises the Chances of Finding Rare Materials and Monsters

High battle scores also improves the chances of rare materials and enemies to appear by triggering the consecutive battle bonuses.

How to Farm Rare Materials

Increasing Your Battle Score

Below are the steps to increase your battle score in the game.

Clear battles as quickly as possible.

Your battle score will increase the faster you defeat all enemies in each encounter. This means that you should use attacks and abilities that allow you to deal massive damage to multiple enemies to end the battle at the shortest possible time.

Increase the game difficulty.

Increasing the game difficulty raises the bonus multiplier applied to your battle score if you want to aim for very high values. For farming SP or rare materials, it is recommended to play on the higher difficulty modes (Moderate, Hard, and Chaos) as these grants you the greater battle score multipliers compared to playing on Story and Normal.

Difficulty Battle Score Bonus Multiplier
Story x0.5
Normal x1
Moderate x1.25
Hard x1.5

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Use the Drums of the Master and Drums of the Legend Artifacts

Tales of Arise - Master Percussion Instrument Artifact

The Drums of the Master and Drums of the Legend artifacts increase your battle score, making them useful for farming both SP and finding rare materials and monsters triggered by consecutive battle bonuses.

The Drums of the Master is found inside a chest at the Waterfall Basin in Aureum Falls (Ganath Haros) while the Drums of the Legend is rewarded for clearing Farewell, Mage Sub Quest in Niez (Mahag Saar)

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