Tales of Arise - Game Difficulty

A guide on the difficulty options in Tales of Arise, including their features and their unlocking conditions in the game.

Tales of Arise - Difficulty Modes

Game Difficulty in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise - Difficulty Modes

There are now seven types of difficulty modes playable in Tales of Arise. Note that you can switch your difficulty mode while playing the game. Access the settings mode to change it.

Difficulty Modes

Below are all difficulty modes, including each mode’s features and how to unlock them in the game.

Difficulty Mode Features How to Unlock
Very Easy Recommended for action games novices and players who want to breeze through battles while still enjoying the thrills of combat. Download Add Difficulties free DLC.
Story Recommended for players who come to RPGs for the story first and combat second, letting them focus on enjoying the plot and characters. Unlocked by default.
Normal The standard difficulty level. Recommended for players who enjoy both story and combat alike, offering fights that are balanced just right. Unlocked by default.
Moderate Recommended for players who find Normal mode too easy, making for tougher fights that offer increased Combat Points to boot. Unlocked by default.
Hard Recommended for players seeking an even greater challenge. Enemies hit harder and there are even more Combat Points up for grabs. Unlocked by default.
Chaos Recommended for players who want to experience the game’s hardest difficulty setting. Unlocked by obtaining the Devil Sculpture artifact.
Unknown Recommended for those looking for the fights of their lives. One wrong move and you’re finished. You’ve been warned. Download Add Difficulties free DLC.

Battle Score Bonus Multipliers

A battle score bonus multiplier is applied to your party after each encounter which varies according to the game difficulty you are currently playing on.

For farming skill points (SP) and rare materials, it is recommended to play on the higher difficulty settings (Moderate, Hard, and Chaos) to gain greater battle score multipliers after each encounter.

How to Get High Battle Scores

Difficulty Mode Battle Score Bonus Multiplier
Very Easy ?
Story x0.5
Normal x1
Moderate x1.25
Hard x1.5
Chaos ?
Unknown ?

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