Tales of Arise - The Most Effective Ways to Level Up Artes

A guide on The Most Effective Ways to Level Up Artes in Tales of Arise. Included are basic information on Artes, tips on leveling, battling with artes, enhancing, and all other information on using Artes.

Tales of Arise - The Most Effective Ways to Level Up Artes

The Most Effective Ways to Level Up Artes

What are Artes?

Artes are unique offensive abilities that may be used in combat. Each character has a certain Artes Proficiency that they specialized in, with each proficiency level increasing the character’s ability to learn a new Arte.

List of All Artes
How to Use Artes

Tips on Leveling Up your Artes

Keep Farming and Defeating Enemies

When attempting to level up your Artes, the objective is to be able to utilize it in as many battles as possible to get experience points. Concentrating your attention on opponents that have large levels of HP will assist to ensure that you are able to utilize your Artes frequently in a single fight for a long period of time.

Use “Don’t Do Anything” Party Strategy

Tales of Arise - Party Strategy List

You may get around this by changing the party tactic to “Don’t Do Anything”, allowing you to fight opponents alone.

Cooking EXP Enhancement Dishes

By resting into inns and camps, you may choose to cook some dishes that may help you out on your battle. One food that can aid you with leveling up is, Fruit Sandwich which gives you EXP Boost L for 30 minutes.

Focus 1 Arte

The goal of leveling up Artes is to boost their count, or how often you utilize them. To level up one Arte, you should only use that Arte in combat, since utilizing other skills would slow down the process.

Unlock and Leveling Up Artes

Unlock Artes base on Proficiency

Each character has three distinct Arte Proficiencies, which may be developed upon through battle experience. These proficiencies represent the several kinds of Artes that a particular character is capable of using.

Using Artes that are associated with a certain proficiency type helps to raise the level of that proficiency; after a specific amount of proficiency has been achieved, a new Arte may be unlocked for your character to use.

Prioritize the Arte you want to level up

Each Arte has its unique “Count”, which records your progress in using that Arte over the course of time. Fighting against opponents while frequently utilizing Artes is the most effective method to increase the count for the Arte you want to specialize. When the Arte reaches its maximum potential, it will improve, as indicated by a star in the Artes Menu.

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