Tales of Arise - How to Activate Over Limit

A guide on how to enter Over Limit in Tales of Arise. Included are basic information on Over Limit, effects, how to activate, how to use Mystic Artes, and other useful strategies and tips.

Tales of Arise - How to Activate Over Limit

How to Activate Over Limit

What is Over Limit?

Tales of Arise - Over Limit

In Tales of Arise, Over Limit is a temporary empowered state that a character can activate in battle. Going into Over Limit allows a character to use Artes without consuming AG as well as perform powerful Mystic Artes.

Tips for Combat

Triggering Over Limit

Tales of Arise - Perfect Evade

Over Limit is activated by taking damage or by successfully performing perfect evasions in battle. For the latter, you will need to time evasions at the right moment which requires practice and a bit of knowledge on enemy attacks.

How to Perform Perfect Evasion (or Perfect Guard)

PS4/PS5 Tilt left analog stick + R2 button (timed with the enemy’s attack)
Xbox Tilt left stick + RT button (timed with the enemy’s attack)

Game Controls

You will know if you have executed a perfect evasion correctly when you see a white flash from your character and combat slows for a brief period.

Tales of Arise - Perfect Guard

Note that unlike other playable characters, Kisara will perform a perfect guard instead of a perfect evade.

Using Mystic Artes

Tales of Arise - Mystic Artes

Mystic Artes are powerful attacks that each character can perform during their Over Limit state. These can performed by pressing a combination of two face buttons (Artes buttons) during combat.

How to Perform Mystic Artes

PS4/PS5 Press any two-button combinations of 〇, ×, △, □ (during Over Limit State)
Xbox Press any two-button combinations of A, B, X, Y (during Over Limit State)

Performing a Mystic Arte will expend your entire Over Limit gauge. To make the most out of the empowered state, it is recommended to use as many Artes as you can within the Over Limit period and use the Mystic Arte just before the gauge runs out.

How to Use Mystic Artes

Enemies Can Also Enter Over Limit

The Over Limit state is not exclusive to the game’s playable characters. Enemies and bosses will be able to go in Over Limit as well so be very careful when dealing with them.

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